August 6, 1984

The battle of the image men 1011

The battle of the image men

For two evenings last week the campaign for the Sept. 4 federal election became a kind of videogame—a competition among television images in which viewers were left to decide the winner. First on the French networks and the next night in English, the leaders of the three main parties contended for voters’ attention and affection as they tried to avoid the Big Mistake that every politician facing TV cameras dreads.
Avoiding a genetic catastrophe 4445

Avoiding a genetic catastrophe

Genetic engineering, once the fanciful preserve of science-fiction writers, has become a startling reality. Laboratory procedures that artificially combine the reproductive genes of unrelated species to produce new life-forms are now almost routine.
Thrills of the century 3839

Thrills of the century

Even real enthusiasts say that the sensation defies adequate description. First there is spine-tingling anticipation as the roller coaster makes its agonizingly slow climb to the top of its scaffolding. Then there is a rush of panic as the cars make their initial plunge, followed by sheer exhilaration as the little train, full of shrieking passengers, careens bumpily through curves, climbs and drops that seem designed to throw the whole machine off the tracks.
John Turner under pressure 89

John Turner under pressure

The New Democrats were jubilant, the Conservatives relieved and the Liberals mildly perplexed as their leaders finally began running flat-out last week in Canada’s midsummer federal election campaign. The varying moods in the three political camps emanated directly from public and media response to the campaign’s first major action—the two televised debates among the leaders.
After the Israeli stalemate 2223

After the Israeli stalemate

When Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir called a general election last March, few observers gave him much chance of forming another administration. Israel’s annual inflation rate stood at 400 per cent, and the economic policies of Shamir’s right-wing Likud coalition were so unpopular that Opposition Leader Shimon Peres’ Labor Alignment party enjoyed a wide 16-point lead in the opinion polls.
A struggle to win the Prairie soul 1415

A struggle to win the Prairie soul

For the Prairies it has been an unusually hot and dry summer. But from the Ontario border to the Rockies politicians are ignoring the climate in order to canvass dusty farm lanes and shady city streets with one common objective: winning the West.
The hypocrites on the left 67

The hypocrites on the left

July 19 was a fairly normal day for newspaper stories. Tory Leader Brian Mulroney apologized for one of his remarks; Marc Lalonde announced he would not seek re-election. The Globe and Mail, a paper that describes itself as Canada’s national newspaper, covered those events.
Fighting about defence 2627

Fighting about defence

Wedged between the Democrats’ rousing San Francisco convention and the Republicans’ upcoming renomination of President Ronald Reagan in Dallas later this month, the current midsummer session of the U.S. Congress was bound to resemble a practice bout for the November elections.
A potential friend in court 3637

A potential friend in court

Canadians almost always vote Democrat in U.S. elections—and this time they have more reason to cast those surrogate ballots than ever before. Walter Mondale, who won his party’s nomination in San Francisco two weeks ago, is probably the only U.S. politician of either party to have a genuine understanding of the vague noises from their attic that Americans hear and usually ignore.
Probing a defence scandal 3031

Probing a defence scandal

Panagiotis Takis “Taki” Veliotis seems destined to prove the wisdom of a Chinese proverb, “He who rides a tiger cannot dismount.” The former executive of St. Louis-based General Dynamics Corp. (GD) fled to his native Athens in 1982 before a U.S. federal grand jury indicted him on charges of accepting kickbacks in an embezzlement scheme involving GD and a nowdefunct supplier, New York-based Frigitemp Corp.
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