August 20, 1984

Women and the election 1819

Women and the election

That humiliating experience, which will have a familiar ring for all too many Canadian women, served to underscore the inequalities that have made women’s issues, some of them deeply emotional, a central factor in this summer’s election campaign.
Canada honors its golden heroes 3233

Canada honors its golden heroes

For 15 days, the Golden Games of the XXIII Olympiad unfolded as a vast athletic spectacle dominated by memorable performances, enthusiastic crowds and nonstop American flag-waving. By almost any standard the Los Angeles Olympics were a resounding success, even though the Soviet Union and 14 other countries boycotted them and several minor disputes—along with one major controversy—erupted.
Changing roles for political wives 2223

Changing roles for political wives

Geills Turner insists on carrying her own bags. Mila Mulroney is better at charming a crowd than the leader of the Opposition is. And Lucille Broadbent is convinced that her husband, Ed, would stay home if their roles were reversed and she had the more demanding career.
The Tories assault a Liberal bastion 1617

The Tories assault a Liberal bastion

Quebec City lawyer Gary Ouellet blinked once, then twice, when a visitor to his office handed him a cheque last week. “It’s for $10,000,” the man said anxiously. “Do you think that’s enough?” Ouellet, a longtime Progressive Conservative fund raiser, later declared: “I was speechless.
The markets’ surprising swing 3637

The markets’ surprising swing

The first six months of 1984 was a depressing period for most North American stock markets. Prices sagged, demand was sluggish and investors expressed growing concern that the rapid expansion of the U.S. economy would rekindle an inflationary storm.
Splitting at the seams 4647

Splitting at the seams

Smothering under a permanent layer of smog and ringed with slums, Mexico City is a graphic example of an overcrowded metropolis starting to split at the seams. Breathing its foul air for a day is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes, according to environmental experts.
Mulroney’s machine rolls on 1415

Mulroney’s machine rolls on

Smooth-talking Brian Mulroney and his smooth-running Progressive Conservative election machine were on a roll as Canada’s late-summer federal campaign moved into its final three weeks and the three party leaders prepared for another televised encounter, this time exclusively devoted to women’s issues (page 18).
The landscape is strong 1213

The landscape is strong

The advantages of a summer election were obvious. Snap: catch the opposition parties on their heels; cash in on the leadership convention publicity binge; beat the falling fall economic indicators. The disadvantages should have been clear, but were not: many of the voters are away; they may not be seeing Knowlton every night to get caught up in the excitement, the ebb and flow of it all; for that matter, Knowlton may be away.


The Aug. 6 cover of Maclean’s presents the reader with a visual distortion of the reality of the televised political debates (“The debate about images”). If I recall correctly, there were three participants on the podium, not two. By omitting NDP Leader Ed Broadbent from the cover you reinforce the perception of a two-man contest and maybe even contribute to the increasing polarization of Canadian politics.
Jack Gallagher’s new visions 4041

Jack Gallagher’s new visions

It seems only fair. Since the first firm promise to come out of this election campaign was abandonment of the National Energy Program, it is appropriate that the man who benefited most from its provisions is launching an attack on Canada’s political system.
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