September 3, 1984

Down to the day of decision 1011

Down to the day of decision

Senator Keith Davey assumed his best bedside manner as he chaired last week’s meeting of John Turner’s desperate campaign team. According to virtually every published poll, the Prime Minister had already lost the election. But the Liberal national campaign director sought to infuse 30 tired Liberals in the prime ministerial boardoom with the will to keep fighting in the final days before the nation votes next Tuesday.
Waiting for the Tory tide 2021

Waiting for the Tory tide

In the closing days of a federal election, some of Canada’s 282 federal ridings become more important than others. Because of close races featuring highly visible candidates, or historical trends, party professionals devote special attention to key indicator ridings.
Reagan: ready on the right 2425

Reagan: ready on the right

Appropriately, it was the grand old man of American conservatism, 75-year-old Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, who captured the essence of Ronald Reagan’s drive for reelection last week. “Members of the convention,” he told 2,235 exuberant delegates to the Republican National Convention in Dallas, “we have a leader, a real leader, commander-in-chief President Ronald Reagan.”
Crisis shakes a financial giant 3637

Crisis shakes a financial giant

Charles Knapp, the flamboyant 49-year-old chief executive of Los Angeles-based Financial Corp. of America (FCA), has always been a maverick in the U.S. savings and loan industry. Closely regulated and generally limited to mortgage lending for homes and business construction, most of the nation’s 3,500 savings and loan (S&L) companies—or “thrifts”—have been known for cautious lending practices and tortoise-like growth.
OPEC’s emerging Western supporters 3839

OPEC’s emerging Western supporters

When the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced a dramatic drop in its official oil price to $29 (U.S.) per barrel from $34 on March 14, 1983, Western politicians, industries and consumers warmly welcomed the development.
The issue is leadership 1617

The issue is leadership

It has been an election campaign rich with promises but poor in issues that could fire the imagination of the voters—or the men and women seeking their support. Beyond a general unease about unemployment and the economy, no single concern has dominated the political agenda.
The grip of the Blue Machine 1819

The grip of the Blue Machine

While Progressive Conservatives hope for a breakthrough in Quebec and Liberals look for gains in the West, the eyes of most party strategists on election night will be on Ontario. With 95 seats at stake, the nation’s most populous province has almost twice as many ridings as the Prairies and three times as many as the Atlantic provinces.
The politics of sexual harassment T49

The politics of sexual harassment

In the spring of 1982 Liberal MP Allister MacBain, 58, hired Kristina Potapczyk, 29, as a special assistant. Her job was terminated 13 months later. She later obtained 10 weeks’ severance pay in a wrongful dismissal suit that was settled out of court.
Mixed reviews for deregulation 4445

Mixed reviews for deregulation

When Transport Minister Lloyd Axworthy declared in May that the extensive and highly restrictive Canadian Transport regulations that govern air traffic would be relaxed in two stages beginning on June 1, Canadian airlines began to prepare for fundamental changes in the way they do business.
Sanitizing Times Square 67

Sanitizing Times Square

Times Square has reigned for more than 50 years as New York’s premier tourist attraction. The area was the heart of Broadway’s theatre district in the 1920s and 1930s, but it has gradually become a glittering emporium of pornographic movie houses, peep shows and sex shops.
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