September 24, 1984


Pope John Paul’s pilgrimage


Bennett’s enterprising vision


Panoramic screen changes

Pope John Paul’s pilgrimage 1213

Pope John Paul’s pilgrimage

It was a visitation that inspired the pious and challenged the dis believing. As he made his 12-day pastoral progress across Canada last week, Pope John Paul II cap tured the hearts of his followers with a dazzling display of personal charm and spontaneous human affection.
Bennett’s enterprising vision 4445

Bennett’s enterprising vision

What the Canadian economy needs, before it can claim a proper start toward permanent recovery, is a series of brand-new strategies. One such possibility is the imaginative prospect, currently under consideration by the B.C. cabinet, of creating a cluster of "enterprise zones.
Panoramic screen changes 4849

Panoramic screen changes

Robert Butler, a 58-year-old Edmonton insurance broker, recalls a day in 1957 when he tuned into the CBC's Indian-head test pattern-and television became part of his life. Says Butler: “There was no TV in Edmonton before that, and we thought it was a really big deal.
Makers of the illustrated hit parade 5253

Makers of the illustrated hit parade

When Toronto video producer Irene Sweeney agreed to make a promotional video for the Canadian rock band Blue Peter last year, she had to borrow the props to bring the film in at its $13,500 budget. The final result-a shifting montage of antique
The case for a united EC 8b8c

The case for a united EC

On July 27 the newly elected European Parliament overruled a June decision by the leaders of the 10 European Community (EC) member countries to reimburse Britain for part of its contribution to the parliamentary budget. The parliamentarians complained that they had not approved the summit agreement at Fontainebleau, where Britain argued that it was paying too much to subsidize continental agriculture.
Mulroney takes command 2425

Mulroney takes command

On the hustings this summer, Brian Mulroney more than once dodged questions about the economy on the grounds that he would first have to see the government’s books. Last week, in the hectic round of engagements that led up to this week’s swearing-in of his new Conservative government, Mulroney was briefed on Ottawa’s finances — and he acknowledged that the numbers contained some “unpleasant surprises.
A papal message and the meaning 1011

A papal message and the meaning

It happened during a youth rally for Pope John PaulIIin Montreal's vast Olympic Stadium during the early stages of the first papal visit to Canada. A narrator re ferred to a Gospel description of the prophet John the Baptist as a man whose existence was necessary to pre pare the world for the birth of Christ, so that "all men through him might be lieve.
A brutal passage yields to tourists 5455

A brutal passage yields to tourists

At the sight of Cape Lisburne, a dark, rocky promontory jutting through low-lying mists into the Chukchi Sea, passengers and crew of the MS Lindblad Explorer, a small Swedishowned cruise ship, let forth a discreet cheer. Uniformed waiters broke out strong navy rum for the crew and served French champagne to the passengers.
Bell calls for a higher tariff 3839

Bell calls for a higher tariff

The proposal was a startling one for Bell Canada's 6.5 million sub scribers in Ontario, Quebec and the Northwest Territories. Last week, in a report to the Canadian Radio-televi sion and Telecommunications Commis sion, the Montreal-based phone monop oly outlined a plan to more than double basic phone bills over a five-year period.
In search of Allan and Brian 6465

In search of Allan and Brian

With the biggest sweep in Canadi an political history, you also get the biggest undertow of rumor, myth and misinformation. In my CBC bailiwick this melodramatic thriller is playing to full paranoid houses. On Ottawa’s Bronson Avenue the CBC Taj Mahal is being lined with
Ferraro’s failed secret weapons 049

Ferraro’s failed secret weapons

Geraldine Ferraro began the summer in splendid fashion, as cending from the obscurity of the U.S. Congress to the second spot on the Democratic national ticket. As a vicepresidential candidate she was more than qualified. She had a terrific jawline that provided a resolute, don'tmess-with-me-buster image while de tracting not the least from a kind of solid good looks we all-men and wo men-can appreciate.
The new Quebec Tories 2627

The new Quebec Tories

prime Minister Brian Muironey may soon have to test his touted skills as a negotiator and conciliator. Having succeeded in uniting his party and the country behind him, he now faces the challenge of creating a cohe sive caucus, and keeping 58 predomi nantly francophone MP5 from Quebec and their 153 English-speaking colleagues on good terms.
Election ’84 45

Election ’84

How gratifying that Allan Fotheringham’s brilliant acid pen could turn out such a charming and timely column about Mila Mulroney (“Prime Minister Mila Mulroney,” Sept. 3). It could not help but be a marvellous boost to her after an exhausting campaign.
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