October 8, 1984

The dead silence after midnight 5455

The dead silence after midnight

For many of the inmates of Canada’s prisons there was only one issue of compelling interest during the recent federal election campaign: capital punishment. In British Columbia’s Matsqui Institution, 80 km east of Vancouver, they discussed it over meals and during their nightly walks in the yard.
Setting a Tory style 1415

Setting a Tory style

Wearing matching blue sweaters, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Finance Minister Michael Wilson descended the stairs of the government’s getaway Meech Lake meeting centre in the Gatineau Hills into a huddle of reporters awaiting news from an all-day planning session of the 15-member Conservative inner cabinet.
Troubled echoes of a double hanging 5858a

Troubled echoes of a double hanging

Toronto lawyer Walter Williston went to see convicted killers Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin for the last time shortly after suppertime on Dec. 10, 1962. Seeking them out in their tiny cells in the Don Jail in the city’s east end, Williston told them he had failed to persuade then-Justice Minister Donald Fleming to commute their death sentences, scheduled to be carried out that night just after midnight.
Love in a crumbling colony 4243

Love in a crumbling colony

Films as diverse as Gandhi and Bhowani Junction have portrayed British colonial India’s twilight years, when despair and moral confusion plagued both the rulers and the ruled. But television has provided the most penetrating and visually rivetting effort:
Chumming across the border 1213

Chumming across the border

In the Oval Office they bantered about electioneering and pondered arms control. Over pheasant consommé and sea bass in the Family Dining Room, they swapped stories about Irish priests, complete with accents, before launching into their shared obsession: how to trim government bureaucracy.
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