October 15, 1984

Hong Kong’s new masters 2223

Hong Kong’s new masters

The crowded, grimy alleys of Hong Kong’s Kwun Tong factory district are a world away from the red-carpet splendor of Peking’s Great Hall of the People. But Chiu Bo, 54, is as conscious as anyone in the outpost of capitalism that his life and his family’s future lie in the hands of China’s next-door but ideologically remote Communist rulers.
Parents without partners 6061

Parents without partners

Janet Barkhouse grew up in Montreal and Halifax in the 1950s with an older brother, a mother who stayed at home and a father who worked in a bank. It was a conventional arrangement at a time when such television series as Father Knows Best and Ozzie and Harriet idealized the virtues of traditional family life.
Marxist feminism? 45

Marxist feminism?

I find it appropriate that in her Oct. 1 column, “How the feminists hurt women,” Barbara Amiel should reflect upon Nazi party policy toward Jews during Hitler’s reign over Germany to make her point. By choosing to compare a government that is attempting to create a more equitable place for women in society to a government that sought to liquidate the rights of an entire race, Amiel proves herself to be an admirable propagandist in her own right.
Reaping a harvest of nervous capital 3031

Reaping a harvest of nervous capital

When fortune-teller Joe Yip set up shop in a small park in Hong Kong’s financial district last month, he deftly fielded the predictable queries from local residents: “Will I have a son? Will I get married? Will my business deal come through?”
Grenada’s time of trial 12l12m

Grenada’s time of trial

Last Oct. 19 Grenada’s charismatic prime minister, Maurice Bishop, three of his cabinet ministers and 19 supporters died in a hail of bullets in the Caribbean island’s capital of St. George’s. The murders were part of a coup attempt by hard-line leftists within Bishop’s own socialist party, the New Jewel Movement.
Back from bankruptcy 12f12g

Back from bankruptcy

Just one year ago California was almost bankrupt. The worldwide recession and a taxpayers’ revolt over property taxes had diminished government revenues and crippled the state’s once-healthy economy. The state faced a budget deficit of $1.5 billion.
Getting a grip on the bureaucrats 1617

Getting a grip on the bureaucrats

As external affairs minister in Joe Clark’s short-lived Conservative government five years ago, Flora MacDonald learned a harsh lesson. She contends that her effectiveness as a minister was undermined by powerful civil servants who withheld information and gave one-sided advice.
When a yawn becomes a headline O613

When a yawn becomes a headline

Not so long ago, when discos were open day and night on street corners across North America and people loved to dress up all shiny and dance and dance while they admired themselves in the mirrors placed there for their viewing pleasure—around that time the city editor of a large newspaper opened up a meeting with reporters by suggesting a story on what was going on in elementary schools.


Parliamentary life may have lost some of its sparkle for former Liberal cabinet minister Jean Chrétien, whose dream of becoming Prime Minister has slipped out of reach. Last week the man who seemed to win the heart of the Liberal party but lost the leadership to John Turner last June said he needed a new challenge.
Feminism revised O2O3

Feminism revised

When Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique 20 years ago, that landmark book became a catalyst for the emerging women's movement of the 1960s. With it she established herself as the pre-eminent spokesman for North American feminists.


The agreement was welcome, but surprising. After eight years of civil war, Mozambique’s Marxist government of Samora Machel and the right-wing rebel front of the Mozambique National Resistance (MNR) last week declared a ceasefire. The accord, reached after 60 hours of negotiation, was announced in Pretoria by South African Foreign Minister Roelof “Pik” Botha, who arranged the armistice.
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