October 29, 1984

Confronting pornography 5253

Confronting pornography

Twenty-two years ago, when the Supreme Court of Canada declared that D. H. Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover was “not obscene,” it dropped the legal shackles that had previously censored a tender, erotic love affair. Lady Chatterley, now a classic, seems almost virginal by the permissive standards of 1984.
The Prairies’ grim harvest 1011

The Prairies’ grim harvest

Across Canada’s western wheatlands, farmers reaped a bitter harvest this fall. On his 3,000acre farm outside Lethbridge, Alta., Ike Lanier was able to salvage only 15 to 20 per cent of the wheat and barley he planted last spring. A drought in July and August, which also ravaged crops in southern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba, withered Lanier’s income as well as his fields.
An epilogue to Catch-22 8h8i

An epilogue to Catch-22

Joseph Heller's first novel, Catch-22, published in 1961, sold a remarkable eight million copies. The book, a grimly humorous account of a group of Second World War American airmen established him as a craftsman of fictional lunacy and quickly turned him into a folk hero of the anti-Vietnam War movement in the United States.
A liberal tribute 45

A liberal tribute

Your most objective Follow-up,“The retiring Jimmy Carter,” (Oct. 15) was long overdue. Jimmy Carter will surely be seen in retrospect as a true liberal, a president who dealt head on with issues that could only be viewed by an American electorate as “un-American.”


From the gas wells of Canada’s northern extremes to the glass caverns of Toronto’s Eaton Centre, they were looking for new images of a country usually portrayed in clichés of scenic splendor. In the blue light of the midnight sun an Inuit seal hunter scaled the pack-ice on the edge of Baffin Island, 1,500 km north of the 49th parallel.
An offensive sexual report T49

An offensive sexual report

Years ago, there was a silly children’s book called Show Me. It epitomized the foolishness of the permissive 1960s and 1970s. It was a West German picture book designed to tell kiddies all about sex by showing them absurd pictures of nude adults with naked children on their laps, hanging toys and garments on penises and the like.
Pampering the upper crust 2829

Pampering the upper crust

The carefully illustrated booklet that arrives with the invitation is understated but persuasive. “You are not the average banking customer,” the six-page glossy says. “You have worked hard to attain a special level of success. You have demonstrated a higher degree of financial responsibility.
A rebirth of racial unrest S4T1

A rebirth of racial unrest

In a sudden explosion of violence, hundreds of black youths ran riot on the streets of Brixton, a working-class London suburb. They fought with police, looted stores and set buildings on fire. The April, 1981, outpouring of rage and frustration by the mainly unemployed members of the largely black ghetto caused $4 million in damages and injured more than 226 people.
Closing the door on Watergate 8d8e

Closing the door on Watergate

Even now Americans remember them as they were. He was the cool, bespectacled young man who quietly confessed into a microphone before a Senate hearing his part in a scandal that would bring down a president. She was the lovely, faithful wife who sat steadfastly behind him, her blond hair catching the television lights.
Tracking the terrorists 2223

Tracking the terrorists

By British standards the security measures were unprecedented. Marksmen watched from a hill overlooking the 400-year-old church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Other police patrolled nearby woods and lanes and mingled with the congregation of about 50 at Sunday service in the Buckinghamshire village of Ellesborough.
Triumphs in the realm of ennui 7273

Triumphs in the realm of ennui

Ontario takes itself very seriously, as we know, viewing itself as the brood mare from which all Canada flows. The province still sucks its collective thumb, feeling the universe revolve around it, seeing those without its borders as lesser breeds who have never glimpsed the glories of a 47-car pileup on the 401.
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