November 5, 1984

Thatcher vs. the IRA 45

Thatcher vs. the IRA

In effect, what you are saying in your Oct. 22 editorial, “Disarming the IRA,” is that the only way to deal with terrorism is complete surrender. Such a course would lead only to further terrorism by any other group that feels it wishes to overcome a democratic set of rules.
The relentless cold 52l53

The relentless cold

The months of October to March are the worst ones for schoolteacher Larry MacKenzie. Since he was a teenager the Calgarian has had three or four colds each year, most of them in the winter. “In my job, you have to be alert—you’re on centre stage every day,” said MacKenzie, 39, who teaches Grade 7 science and mathematics at Dr.
Countdown to decision day 2021

Countdown to decision day

The rally started according to script. A White House advance team had installed the props that accompany every presidential appearance: batteries of huge black loudspeakers, theatrical-quality lighting and a backdrop of cerulean blue to set off the president’s skin tones.
Sex after the revolution 0203

Sex after the revolution

Erica Jong, 42, became irrevocably linked with the sexual revolution, as both a chronicler and a symbol, in 1973 with her first novel, Fear of Flying. In the book, which detailed the life and loves of a barely concealed autobiographical character, Isadora Wing, the heroine returned home to hearth and husband after her first extramarital affair.
The new chroniclers of crime 0852a

The new chroniclers of crime

Canadian crime writing has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. A literary genre which a decade ago was as deserted as a country graveyard is now the favorite haunt of able authors. Such names as Howard Engel, Larry Morse, Ted Wood, Eric Wright and Tim Wynne-Jones share space on cottage bookshelves alongside U.S. and British crime masters Dashiell Hammett and P.D. James.
In the shadow of Sadat 12b12c

In the shadow of Sadat

At first the fusillade seemed to be part of the extravagant display of military pomp that Egypt’s president, Anwar Sadat, reviewed each Oct. 6 to celebrate his success in the 1973 offensive against Israel. But as Sadat rose from his seat in the stand to salute the passing parade, he was cut down by bullets fired by members of the army on which he had based his power.
An assault on the Crowns 3839

An assault on the Crowns

Long before he won the Sept. 4 election, Tory Leader Brian Mulroney declared that a new Conservative government would take a hard, critical look at Crown-owned companies. Canada’s 400 Crown corporations, he charged, “have become a state within a state, spending $44 billion a year.”
Ottawa’s season of secrecy 1415

Ottawa’s season of secrecy

Just a week after Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his cabinet were sworn into office in September, an agitated constituent complained to government whip Chuck Cook in his Vancouver riding that he was unable to reach one of the new ministers by telephone in Ottawa.
Maturing musically T14T15

Maturing musically

When Bob Dylan first plugged in his guitar and strummed an electrified chord, the guru of 1960s folk music sent shock waves through the ranks of his followers. But Dylan, like his Canadian peers Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, was merely moving with the times.
The new realism in real estate T613

The new realism in real estate

Until three years ago new real estate projects were golden. Developers and speculators in real estate lived in a heady world of lucrative transactions. As Benjamin Swirsky, the vicechairman of Bramalea Ltd., one of Canada’s biggest real estate development companies, told his colleagues at a Property Forum conference in Toronto last month:
Nader’s consuming drive T2T3

Nader’s consuming drive

Nineteen years after writing Unsafe at any Speed, a brutal exposé of the defective General Motors Corvair which rocked the U.S. auto industry, consumer activist Ralph Nader still does not own a car. Says Nader, whom the book catapulted to fame:
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