November 12, 1984

India after Indira Gandhi 2425

India after Indira Gandhi

A hand-drawn artillery carriage bore the body of the remarkable 20th-century woman known as “Mother India” through the streets of New Delhi. For three hours it rolled past weeping crowds which lined the avenues to catch a last glimpse of the slain leader.
Coming clean on sex and violence 8r9

Coming clean on sex and violence

The old joke has the visiting American remarking upon the lateness of the Moscow Express, whereupon his Soviet host retorts, “Yes, but what about the Negroes in the South?” Much of the current debate about sex, violence and censorship is carried along the same lines.
Mulroney’s team takes over 1011

Mulroney’s team takes over

With some reluctance, Peter White finally agreed to move into the Prime Minister’s Office. For 16 months the wealthy London, Ont., businessman worked out of a crowded two-room office in downtown Ottawa, sifting through the résumés of 3,000 candidates for top jobs in a Conservative government.
Saskatchewan’s courtroom sensation 1819

Saskatchewan’s courtroom sensation

After three sensational weeks of testimony, the trial left just three options for the Saskatoon jury. It could find Colin Thatcher—millionaire rancher, MLA, former provincial cabinet minister and accused killer of his ex-wife, JoAnn Wilson-guilty or not guilty of first-degree murder.
On image control 45

On image control

In “Confronting pornography” (Media, Oct. 29), you note that Plato advocated the banishment of poets on the grounds that they spread falsehoods about gods, heroes and men. Much more to the point, however, in the current debate about pornography is that Plato very forcefully expresses the view that images in any artistic medium can powerfully influence attitudes and behavior for good or ill.
Vesco’s trail of deceit 8j8k

Vesco’s trail of deceit

In 1973 Robert Vesco stood indicted in New York of defrauding $50,000 from his own company, International Controls Corp., a sum that he considered paltry. Said Vesco: “That is like the man in the street embezzling a penny.” But when he finally fled the United States a year later with his wife, Patricia, and their five children, the Detroit-born Vesco, 49, the grandson of poor Italian immigrants, faced indictments for defrauding 250,000 small investors of $224 million.
Gandhi’s reluctant heir 3031

Gandhi’s reluctant heir

He was born on the cusp of time— in the waning days of the British Empire while world war raged in the Pacific and the British held his grandfather in an Indian jail. And from his birth in August, 1944, Rajiv Gandhi has straddled the chasm dividing the old India from the new, the India of ancient problems which defy modern remedies.
The Tory-Business honeymoon 4849

The Tory-Business honeymoon

When Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister in 1968, he spent the first Wednesday night of every month consulting with some of the nation’s top business executives. But within two years, Trudeau had become disenchanted with the industry leaders because, he said, they were poorly prepared for the meetings.
A costly nuclear reaction 8b8c

A costly nuclear reaction

To the American scientists who unlocked the atom’s awesome power four decades ago, the peaceful use of atomic energy promised to redeem, to some degree, its terrible destructive power. Indeed, early advocates of nuclear power argued that atomic electricity would eventually be “too cheap to meter."
A high standard of dying 8f8g

A high standard of dying

Maclean’s: You spoke with jogging guru James Fixx just five months before he died of a heart attack at 52 last July 20 and you offered him some health advice. Pritikin: Jim had just picked up my book and had read the chapter called ‘Run and Die on the American Diet.’
New waves of West Coast creativity 5657

New waves of West Coast creativity

The art scene in Vancouver has two distinct factions. The work of established artists resides in the austere confines of the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG), a 1983 conversion of a 1911 courthouse. But relatively unknown, innovative artists flamboyantly proclaim themselves in small commercial galleries and even on the streets.
The world’s divided Sikhs 3233

The world’s divided Sikhs

In one English village they lit fireworks and handed out toffee candy. Outside the Indian consulate in New York they danced and drank champagne. But while militant Sikhs around the world rejoiced last week at the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, more moderate Sikh communities voiced regret over her death and abhorrence at the violence that followed it.
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