November 19, 1984

An encore for the oldest president 3031

An encore for the oldest president

The setting was uncommonly fitting, and no one was more aware of it than the star himself. High above Los Angeles in a 19th-floor hotel suite, Ronald Wilson Reagan waited for the announcement that reconfirmed him as the the 40th president of the United States.
Edging toward austerity 1213

Edging toward austerity

The week began with pageantry and ended in a flurry of price tags. On Nov. 5 Gov. Gen. Jeanne Sauvé, dressed in flowing purple velvet, proceeded solemnly down the aisle of a hushed Senate chamber to open the country’s 33rd Parliament. As she took her place in the Speaker’s chair to read the new Conservative government’s speech from the throne, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, wearing a morning coat, took his place at her side.
Abortion wins another round 4647

Abortion wins another round

Ever since Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s government liberalized Canada’s abortion laws in 1969, the debate between people who say that a woman should have an abortion if she wishes and others who say that she should not has raged without resolution.
The meaning of Morgentaler 4445

The meaning of Morgentaler

Paving a long road back 10h10i

Paving a long road back

John Turner has suffered the ignominious fate of having led the Liberal party to a humiliating defeat. Why did he call the election when he knew his party was behind in the polls? How does he propose to revive his dispirited political troops?
A day’s work 45

A day’s work

I cannot believe your choice of photographs from the 250 available in what you describe as “a remarkable book” offering “new images of a country usually portrayed in clichés” (“Canada in 24 hours,” Cover, Oct. 29). I could swear I have seen every one of those 13 photos before —over and over and over again—in Canada’s magazines and coffee-table books.
Wrestling with the deficit 1819

Wrestling with the deficit

The ritual has become familiar. Each time a new finance minister takes over, he pledges he will reduce the federal deficit. But the gap between revenues and spending has grown slowly and steadily wider. Five years ago the deficit stood at $10 billion.
The terrible face of famine 2829

The terrible face of famine

The horror could be read everywhere—in the vacant eyes filled with mucous and disease; in the wounds that would never heal; in the bones that would never harden. Each victim had his own trauma-emaciation, dehydration, starvation. In Korem, a feeding station in the Ethiopian province of Wollo, 30,000 starving people have gathered.
Of science and broken hearts T211

Of science and broken hearts

The similarity between the heart of a baboon and that of a human is remarkable, let the creationists say what they will. Each organ is supplied blood by a vessel (the superior vena cava). Each has four chambers, each an aorta to accommodate the flow of blood back to the body.
Bourassa’s comeback campaign 10b10c

Bourassa’s comeback campaign

A few weeks after Robert Bourassa’s crushing defeat by the Parti Québécois in Quebec’s November, 1976, provincial election, Brian Mulroney took his old friend to lunch at one of their favorite eateries—the private room of the tony Chez Son Père restaurant on Montreal’s Park Avenue—in order to console him.
Playing out a tragedy 2021

Playing out a tragedy

Atense, excruciating silence fell over a Saskatoon courtroom last week when Mr. Justice J.H. Maher asked 12 jurors if they had reached a verdict. The jury foreman answered crisply: “Yes. We find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder.”
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