December 10, 1984



William Schroeder faced the most difficult decision of his life: to die within days from heart disease—or to risk becoming the second human guinea pig in the quest to perfect a permanent artificial heart. Then, surgeon William DeVries played devil’s advocate and asked Schroeder if he was prepared to become “a vegetable” after the implant operation.
The move toward free trade 4647

The move toward free trade

The statement landed like a hand grenade on the North American political landscape. Abandoning the discreet platitudes of international diplomacy, former Canadian finance minister Donald Macdonald told a mid-November meeting of Canadian and U.S. opinion-makers in Harriman, N.Y., that it was time for Canada to take a “leap of faith” and enter into a full free trade arrangement with the United States.
Home cooking on the road 64h64i

Home cooking on the road

The favored American chefs blanched with shock at the October announcement, and overwrought members of the French and Italian teams wept openly. But five chefs from Canada, winners of the first overall championship at the World Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, West Germany, quickly overcame their initial surprise at the judges’ decision and gloried in their newfound status as the gold medallists of cooking.


DIED: Jesuit philosopher and theologian Rev. Bernard Lonergan, 79, whose Christian doctrines were based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and are now studied at scholarly institutions around the world; after a lengthy illness, at the Jesuit Infirmary in Pickering, Ont. Born in Buckingham, Que., Lonergan entered the Jesuits in 1922 and went on to study theology and philosophy in Canada, England and Rome.
A child’s garden of holiday books 6263

A child’s garden of holiday books

To browse through children’s books is to recall an earlier existence, where appetites were first discovered, tastes shaped, emotions and sensations experienced in their freshest intensity. Adults shopping for gift books for children are often overwhelmed by their own nostalgia.
The tape and paper chase 1011

The tape and paper chase

Cecil Rosner, a Winnipeg Free Press reporter, could scarcely believe his good fortune. On a coffee table in the lobby of the Westin Hotel lay two thick manila file folders containing Finance Minister Michael Wilson’s confidential briefing papers.
A massive buildup of biological arms 0607

A massive buildup of biological arms

That deadly scenario of biological warfare arises not from the pages of a sensational thriller but from the work of a World Health Organization study group. And since the group’s 1970 report, the science of genetic engineering has transformed what had been a crude and strategically limited form of weaponry into a terrifying arsenal irresistible to the major powers.
A fresh voice at the UN 8b8c

A fresh voice at the UN

Stephen Lewis, the articulate and sometimes acerbic leader of the Ontario NDP from 1970 to 1978, has grown up at the centre of Canadian socialist politics. His father, David Lewis, led the federal NDP from 1971 to 1975, and Stephen Lewis has boyhood memories of meeting such Canadian political legends as Tommy Douglas and Stanley Knowles.
The sex therapy pioneers 8h8i

The sex therapy pioneers

In the Ozzie and Harriet world of the late 1940s and early 1950s, when men were steadfast and women stayed home, sex was the last thing on anyone’s concious minds. Then Alfred Kinsey, professor of zoology and founder of Indiana University’s Institute for Sex Research, shocked North Americans with two books that irrevocably altered the way men and women viewed themselves and legitimized an entire field of scientific inquiry.
The allure of government secrecy T29

The allure of government secrecy

The Canadian media and the Canadian public are used to government secrecy. It has been the rule rather than the exception in the past 15 years. The difference between the situation then and the situation now—a situation that everyone has been lamenting —is that government secrecy is called government secrecy.
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