December 17, 1984



Pausing for a moment to rub his eyes against the blinding brightness of the afternoon Mexican sun, Walter Wolf pawed the ground, then charged forward. Seconds later, he split the water cleanly and resurfaced from his dive right in the middle of his “W”-shaped pool.
Lingering terror in Bhopal 2627

Lingering terror in Bhopal

Many died in their sleep. But for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other residents of the central Indian city of Bhopal—awakened after midnight by penetrating, acrid fumes or the screams of neighbors—death came in agony hours or even days later.
Delighting mind and eye 6465

Delighting mind and eye

Gift books—the heavy, expensive tomes that weigh in at the holiday season—are an art form in themselves. Once they were vanity affairs: beautiful pictures, lushly presented, displayed on coffee tables to showcase the owner’s taste and sensitivity.
Reverberations of Vietnam 8dT1

Reverberations of Vietnam

The American novelist Robert Stone, 47, used his experience covering the Vietnam War for a British magazine in his novel Dog Soldiers, about the drug traffic between Vietnam and California. His novel won the prestigious U.S. National Book Award in 1975 and became the Hollywood film Who’ll Stop the Rain?
A Kennedy on the rise 8b8c

A Kennedy on the rise

For years Americans remembered him as the grief-stricken 15-yearold who bravely greeted hundreds of mourners on the train carrying the funeral procession of his slain father, Robert F. Kennedy, from New York City to Washington, D.C. As the United States recovered from the June, 1968, killing of the New York senator, brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, his son Joseph Patrick II left the public spotlight to deal with his own private sorrow.
Pursuing profit at full throttle 1617

Pursuing profit at full throttle

When Walter Wolf wants to relax, he takes out his 27-foot, 720-hp. dark blue speedboat into the open water at the mouth of Acapulco Bay and sets the throttle at full. Shooting forward at over 60 m.p.h. with the spray beating against his face, Wolf is in control—and in his element.
A bloody, made-for-TV murder T29

A bloody, made-for-TV murder

In the early hours of Feb. 17, 1970, Jeffrey MacDonald’s family was murdered. All killings are horrid, but those occurring on the grounds of Fort Bragg, N.C., that morning seemed particularly awful. The victims—MacDonald’s pregnant wife, Colette, 26, and daughters, Kimberly, 5, and Kristen, 2— were beaten and stabbed in a manner so savage that when the young army captain claimed later his loved ones had been slaughtered by four drug-crazed hippies, no further explanation seemed necessary.
South Africa’s ills 45

South Africa’s ills

Congratulations on your excellent special report on South Africa (“South Africa’s transition,” Cover, Nov. 26), which described the realities of life inside South Africa most graphically. I felt, however, that the treatment of the regional politics of southern Africa somewhat simplified the situation and was occasionally inaccurate.
Meeting the challenge of democracy 3031

Meeting the challenge of democracy

Inflation is running at a staggering 700 per cent a year. The nation’s foreign debt—$45 billion—is simply unpayable. In their barracks, the Argentine military grows restive, eager to cleanse a reputation stained by the 1982 loss of the Falklands War to Great Britain.
In a prophet’s bedroom 6263

In a prophet’s bedroom

A House full of illusion 6869

A House full of illusion

The reason the voters have such contempt for politicians is that they continually insult our intelligence. They are out of touch with reality, which is the only way one can account for the fact they seem to think the average type is a dolt with the wit of a sixyear-old.
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