January 28, 1985

A debate charged with danger 89

A debate charged with danger

Since Prime Minister John Diefenbaker’s Conservative government fell in 1963 amid controversy over his refusal to arm Canada’s U.S.-built Bomarc anti-aircraft missiles with nuclear warheads, the basing of nuclear weapons on Canadian soil has been a volatile political issue.
Ballard’s slapstick Leafs 1819

Ballard’s slapstick Leafs

Their photographs line the hallways of Maple Leaf Gardens. Forever young, the heroes of yesterday gaze down at visitors to a once-proud shrine of hockey, their Stanley Cup celebrations fixed in time. But many of today’s visitors to the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs were not born in 1967, when the last of the team’s 11 Cup celebrations took place.


Peggy Steacy believes that feminists and working women are threatening the sanctity of the traditional family (“The way women see themselves,” The Maclean’s Poll, Jan. 7). But her alternative would harness women to a narrow path between kitchen and bedroom with the strict admonition that no “Real Women” should be tempted to veer off course.
A crackdown in Amsterdam 3435

A crackdown in Amsterdam

Until only a few years ago the buildings along the Herengracht, a stately canal in central Amsterdam, formed what local residents called Banker’s Row. The gabled, 17th-century structures housed the offices of such solid New York-based financial concerns as Chase Manhattan Bank N.A. But in recent years dozens of unregulated securities dealers and salesmen—many of them from Canada—have set up offices in the district.
Requiem for the fallen Leafs 1617

Requiem for the fallen Leafs

During the 1940s Delisle, Sask., was too small to appear on most maps, but dedicated Toronto Maple Leaf fans knew where it was (40 km southwest of Saskatoon, on the Canadian National Railway’s main line). They also knew that it was a wheat farming community, that it had a rink, that its winters were wonderfully long and crisp.
Two victories over Time 4445

Two victories over Time

For former Israeli defence minister Ariel Sharon, last week brought two victories as satisfying as any he has won on the battlefield. After eight weeks and 14 witnesses, the jury in the $50-million (U.S.) Sharon vs. Time Inc. libel suit decided that a paragraph in a Time cover story on Feb. 21, 1983, had indeed defamed the fiery general.
Looking for soft spots 89

Looking for soft spots

A few minutes before the federal cabinet broke last Thursday from its winter strategy retreat at the government lodge in the Gatineau Hills, House of Commons Leader Ray Hnatyshyn glared out on the blowing snow, shook his head and remarked, “We could be trapped here till Easter —maybe we’ll never be seen or heard of again.”
Shelving the separatist option 1415

Shelving the separatist option

All through the final suspenseful week leading to the Parti Québécois’s special convention, Bertrand Tremblay, a party member and an ardent separatist, “hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t be true.” But at 1:58 p.m. on Saturday Tremblay’s worst fears were confirmed when convention delegates voted by 869 to 453 to effectively shelve the issue of Quebec sovereignty in the next provincial election.
Drifting into a second term 2425

Drifting into a second term

The organizers had left nothing to chance. They had choreographed the reinauguration of the 40th President of the United States with splitsecond precison, planning a four-day, $12-million extravaganza that was grand but—just 14 days before the presentation of federal budget cuts to the U.S. Congress—not too grand to be politically dangerous.
The Israelis call it quits 2829

The Israelis call it quits

One morning last week Capt. Yosef Marmelstein stopped his jeep near the south Lebanese village of Arzi. Several days earlier members of his patrol had discovered an explosive charge in the area and defused it. But Marmelstein, 25, a reserve captain in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), wanted to advise his troops to take extra precautions.
A new approach to universality 6b7

A new approach to universality

The starting point for economic planning today is the recognition that we have no money to throw around. The federal government agrees. “Growth cannot itself resolve the structural imbalance between government expenditures and revenues.
The colorful curmudgeon of the NHL 2222a

The colorful curmudgeon of the NHL

When Harold Ballard achieved control of Maple Leaf Gardens Ltd. in 1972 he was a little - known figure on the Canadian sports scene. In the 1960s he had quietly operated the business side of the Gardens while his partners, Stafford Smythe and John W. Bassett, garnered most of the publicity.
A fiery rage in Jamaica 2627

A fiery rage in Jamaica

The rioting erupted without warning and spread with uncontrolled fury. While 12,000 foreign tourists basked on Jamaica’s white sand beaches last week, hundreds of island residents swept into the streets to protest a steep rise in fuel prices.
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