February 4, 1985

The Secret World of Howard Hughes 1617

The Secret World of Howard Hughes

He was a man of simple tastes. All Howard Robard Hughes ever wanted was money, power and sex. He amassed huge quantities of his first two indulgences-and the women whom the flamboyant aviation engineer, pilot and movie producer attracted form a pantheon of Hollywood goddesses.

The lure of early retirement 4041

The lure of early retirement

For 54-year-old Jean Wright the prospect of a financially secure, leisure-filled early retirement was too enticing to ignore. As a result, after 38 years of service Wright retired early from her job as a personnel manager with Bell Canada International in Ottawa last April.
Breakthrough against a modern plague 4647

Breakthrough against a modern plague

Because the mysterious and invariably fatal disease began spreading among homosexuals four years ago, it soon became known as the “Gay Plague.” Now, with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) infecting and—inevitably—killing small but growing numbers of heterosexual men, women and even children, it is beginning to seem more like a modernday version of the Black Death.
In search of a reason to celebrate 2aa9

In search of a reason to celebrate

A week ago millions of Canadians watched Americans celebrate two national days in one-the inauguration of the President and the Super Bowl. The two events, separated by thousands of kilometres, overlapped. The President—looking pretaped but fit—tossed the coin before the game began, and the game’s halftime show included all the patriotic clichés that Ronald Reagan has brought to Washington.
The high priest of tenors 8d1aa

The high priest of tenors

Maclean’s: How do you keep a performance fresh night after night? Domingo: I must feel that each performance, night after night, is new. The public comes with certain hopes, expectations and desires, and my singing must make them feel this freshness.
Ontario: Ready on the right 1011

Ontario: Ready on the right

From the outset of the contest last October, the polls and the pundits had agreed on the outcome. As Ontario's au tumn deepened into winter, the anticipated result in the four-way competition to run Canada’s richest and most populous province remained as predictable as the rhythm of the four seasons.
The disposable environment 5657

The disposable environment

To go to the edge of the frontier, one must go to New York. There we find the new line in the primitive, the cutting edge of the outrageous, the latest thing in simple, unadorned ideas. The most adult city of all thinks like a child. To illustrate this, we discover the number 1 ticket in town, a joint called Area.
A fresh player for a tired team 4445

A fresh player for a tired team

Have the Liberals discovered their own version of Brian Muironey? If all it took was having a background as a self-made Montreal corporation president, being bilingual, politically astute and doggedly pragmatic, the answer to the party’s prayers would be Paul Martin Jr., who was recruited last week to co-ordinate the search for candidates for the 1988 election.
The will to go straight 5455

The will to go straight

One truth that both psychiatrists and laymen can agree on is that nothing is harder for a person to change than his character. Giving up cigarettes is difficult enough, but it is usually all but impossible for an individual to turn his personality inside out.


The planners had spent months rehearsing for the parade—the patriotic pageant that follows the traditional open-air presidential inauguration every four years in Washington. But although it was organized for old trouper Ronald Reagan, the $12-million show did not go on.
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