February 25, 1985

The Liberals: starting over 1213

The Liberals: starting over

The party president and the party leader strode side by side out of a closed meeting in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough last week and told Canadians that the Liberals were on the rise. It was a bravura declaration by Iona Campagnolo—a failed candidate in last September’s federal election—and John Turner, the man who was prime minister for only 80 days from June to September.
The downfall of a minister 3233

The downfall of a minister

On the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 12, his last day as Canada’s defence minister, Robert Coates appeared to be relaxed and self-assured—unruffled by a three-week-long crescendo of Ottawa gossip about his performance in a job he had coveted for years and had enjoyed to the hilt for five months.


The trouble began in the early hours of Nov. 29, in a tasteless bar known as Tiffany near the West German town of Lahr. Defence Minister Robert Coates bought several $20 cocktails for a stripper whose specialty was a performance she called Fantasy in White, a curious dance which, by the time the last steps were played out in Ottawa last week, had grown into a nightmare in Tory blue.
Privatizing public care 5051

Privatizing public care

It is an unlikely setting for the latest incursion by private enterprise into Canada’s public health care system. Still, the 235-bed hospital in the sleepy town of Wetaskiwin, Alta. — population 10,022—now occupies a significant place on the medical map.
Hatfield challenges his accusers 2223

Hatfield challenges his accusers

After nine days of official silence Richard Hatfield stated his case dramatically last week. New Brunswick’s unconventional premier read a carefully worded 20-minute statement to reporters in Fredericton denying that he supplied drugs to three teenage university students at a 1981 party in his home.
Israel’s perilous withdrawal 4041

Israel’s perilous withdrawal

From a hilltop overlooking the port city of Sidon last week, Israeli Defence Minister Yitzhak Rabin surveyed the preparations for the first phase of the Israeli army’s withdrawal from war-ravaged south Lebanon. Said Rabin: “We are interested that the area will remain quiet, and that there will be no disorder, riots and bloodshed.”
The middle class returns to Harlem 89

The middle class returns to Harlem

When Quincy and Margaret Troupe, a black couple, moved to Harlem nearly six years ago, their building on 116th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. was a testament to decades of decay. “The walls were covered with graffiti, the elevators were broken and smelled of urine, the windows were cracked, running water was sporadic, and the stairwells were full of junkies,” says Troupe, 42, an author and professor of American and Third World literature at the College of Staten Island (CUNY).
Fending off a takeover 5253

Fending off a takeover

For 12 years former Ontario treasurer Darcy McKeough was the lightning rod of the provincial cabinet. A dynamic and popular minister, McKeough had a brash, imperious style that made him a formidable opponent prior to his retirement from politics in 1978.
Why the tax system needs revision T411

Why the tax system needs revision

'Today, Canadians are entangled in a web of tax regulations which attempt to achieve social policy objectives'
A bold visionary of the forbidden 7273

A bold visionary of the forbidden

The seven figures in Eric Fischl’s 1980 painting A Funeral stand huddled together in an arid American desert landscape filled with cacti and rocks. They all watch stiffly as a man sprinkles funeral ashes on the ground, except for a boy in the foreground who stares self-consciously out at the viewer.
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