March 4, 1985

Big Labor’s weakening grip 3839

Big Labor’s weakening grip

The setting was more suitable to black tie than blue collar, and the hotel menus tended toward haute cuisine rather than the meat and potatoes supposedly preferred by organized labor. But the luxurious Sheraton Bal Harbour resort near North Miami, Fla., where a two-room suite costs as much as $410 (U.S.) a night, played host last week to the high priests of North America’s troubled trade unions.
An ominous Arctic shield 1213

An ominous Arctic shield

The scenario is a recurring nightmare to military planners. Soviet Bear-H intercontinental bombers take off from their bases in Siberia, armed with AS-X-15 nuclear cruise missiles. They fly north over the polar cap toward the Canadian High Arctic.
The dollar’s falling fortunes 3031

The dollar’s falling fortunes

For economists it was a phenomenon that defied all conventional wisdom. For Canadian manufacturers and retailers it was a mixed blessing that fuelled demand for exports while making imported goods more expensive. And for consumers it was a dangerous development that pushed interest rates higher and threatened to set off a new round of inflation.
The squeeze on indebted farmers 1617

The squeeze on indebted farmers

Just over five years ago, when inflation was driving up food prices and Canadian agriculture was prospering, Brian Ash borrowed $65,500 from the federal Farm Credit Corp. (FCC) and another $50,000 from a bank to help buy and operate a 150-acre hog and dairy farm near Owen Sound, Ont.
Wrestling with the jobless crisis 4041

Wrestling with the jobless crisis

The conclusion is all but unanimous: job creation has become the most pressing need of the Western industrialized nations. At the end of 1984 fully 31.2 million able-bodied citizens of those countries, including 1.4 million Canadians, could not find work.
Deadly storm warnings in the Pacific 2828a

Deadly storm warnings in the Pacific

The attack was swift, brutal and followed an increasingly familiar pattern. As a small group of students completed examinations at the Mindanao Medical Foundation College in the Philippines’ Davao City in January, three armed men burst into their classroom.
The Pope and the Dene 67

The Pope and the Dene

It was an unusually dense subarctic fog, the first one in weeks, and it descended suddenly only hours before John Paul II was due to arrive. As the Pacific Western Airlines 737 carrying the Pope approached the island outpost of Fort Simpson, N.W.T., for a scheduled stop during his triumphant 12-day Canadian tour last September, 4,000 Inuit, Dene and Métis huddled below on damp blankets praying and glancing skyward.
A resurgent nuclear debate 1011

A resurgent nuclear debate

Only 20.7 feet long but capable of carrying a warhead with more than five times the power of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945, the cruise missile sped through the sky above Wandering River, Alta. On the ground, at least 984 feet beneath the flight path, Greenpeace protesters lofted balloons toward the cruise, while pro-American demonstrators held up the Stars and Stripes and sang God Bless America.
Star Wars and dollar doldrums 8d9

Star Wars and dollar doldrums

Answering your questions about the Canadian dollar: Is the Canadian dollar in a slump because the Canadian economy is weak? No. The Canadian dollar is in a slump because the American dollar is strong. Why is the American dollar strong? The American dollar is strong because of the American deficit.


After months of speculation about his future, Quebec Premier René Lévesque made it clear last week that he intends to lead the Parti Québécois into the next provincial election —which, he indicated, will probably be held next October. Lévesque, who has faced questions concerning his health and sometimes erratic performance in recent months, told a PQ caucus meeting that he has both the will and the health to stay on as leader.
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