April 15, 1985

Sex on Mean Street 4041

Sex on Mean Street

Prostitution, a desperate and sometimes dangerous business, has experienced unprecedented growth in Canada’s cities since a 1978 Supreme Court ruling effectively opened up the streets to the sex trade. Across the country, streetwalkers—often disturbingly young, in some cases male and in all cases almost immune to arrest for soliciting— have become steadily more brazen in their work.
Lougheed contemplates the future 1415

Lougheed contemplates the future

As the longest-serving of Canada’s present political party leaders, Alberta’s Premier Peter Lougheed can cite an impressive list of achievements. When the provincial Conservatives elected the Calgary lawyer leader in 1965, he took over a moribund party that held not a single seat in the legislature.
The Ghermezians’ secrets 3435

The Ghermezians’ secrets

As construction workers looked on in amazement, the short, grey-haired octogenarian stepped onto a brick platform. Then, a crane slowly hoisted him up to inspect the girders of the West Edmonton Mall’s new roof. But for Jacob (Pappa) Ghermezian, the desire to scrutinize every part of the giant shopping centre’s latest expansion—even from five storeys in the air—was very much in character.
Searching for a new relationship 2223

Searching for a new relationship

The thermometer was registering -45°C when External Affairs Minister Joe Clark and his delegation of Canadian officials stopped at a war memorial in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk to lay a wreath. After the solemn ceremony Clark noticed a small girl, bundled up against the cold, approaching the monument with her grandmother.
The gathering storm in Peru 2021

The gathering storm in Peru

They seem to be everywhere: ragged pedlars wheeling cartloads of bruised fruit along grimy city alleyways; halfstarved beggars scrounging for loose change from passers-by; barefoot mothers and frail, emaciated children seeking shelter in doorways as dusk descends on a teeming and troubled city.
An acid test for Apple 4849

An acid test for Apple

Hobbyists were the first customers for personal computers, which were essentially novelties rather than accepted business tools. But in August, 1981, Armonk, N.Y.-based International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) introduced the IBM PC.
A town with a big heart 45

A town with a big heart

For decades the town of Glace Bay, on the eastern tip of Cape Breton Island, has faced economic setbacks as disheartening as the cold onshore wind that stunts local vegetation. In some neighborhoods a tall tree is one that reaches the eaves of a one-storey miner’s cottage.
Censoring one, censoring all 10i11

Censoring one, censoring all

On Thursday, Feb. 28, 1985, Ernst Zundel was found guilty of wilfully causing harm to racial and social harmony by distributing a booklet claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax. He was acquitted of a second charge—that he wilfully caused harm with his booklet, which alleged that there is a world conspiracy of Zionists, Communists, Freemasons and bankers.
Working both sides of the sexual scale 4445

Working both sides of the sexual scale

She is tall, blond, well dressed—and just a phone call away. Amanda Walsh, 31, is available through one of Toronto’s upscale escort services to customers willing to pay as much as $400 for a sexual encounter—and avoid the risks and embarrassment of picking up a street prostitute.
The Great Yellow Father fights back 3637

The Great Yellow Father fights back

The five-day event was a spectacular showcase for the world’s latest innovations in camera gear and supplies. But when 18,000 photographic equipment retailers from across North America gathered in Las Vegas on March 27 for their annual convention, there was only one exhibitor who could claim that its wares were purchased by almost every conventioneer:
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