May 27, 1985

Wilson’s budget challenge 1011

Wilson’s budget challenge

Seldom has the buildup to a Canadian budget been so fraught with debate about the direction of the national economy. For weeks before Michael Wilson’s first budget speech this week, advice bombarded the Tory finance minister from relays of personal advisers and public advocates.
The pressure for a free-trade pact 1819

The pressure for a free-trade pact

Throughout month of May the political leaders spoke of the matter in the stressed syllables usually reserved for a crisis. In West Germany, at the Bonn economic summit, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney warned, “We had all better get right to it.”
Losing with conventional wisdom 8d9

Losing with conventional wisdom

Here comes a big bus. Look, it has someone’s name on it in big letters. Now it’s stopping and a guy in a blue suit is getting out. He’s waving at somebody. Now dozens of other people are getting out, carrying cameras, microphones, notebooks and tape recorders.
A mean season for allergy sufferers 4849

A mean season for allergy sufferers

The daily battle with the environment begins at dawn for Sharon Van Gyzen, a 43-year-old printing plant owner in Richmond, B.C. She wakes up with a headache, a runny nose, labored breathing and other symptoms of a respiratory system under stress.
‘Attention, MOVE. This is America’ 2829

‘Attention, MOVE. This is America’

By any standard, the residents of the red-brick rowhouse at 6221 Osage Ave. in West Philadelphia were troublesome neighbors. Spouting a doctrine of anarchy, they sported dreadlocks, kept their children naked and left human feces and garbage rotting in their yard, where rats and wild dogs roamed amid the stench.
The real threat to America 6465

The real threat to America

The real threat to the United States, if you must know, is not mighty Nicaragua—which is about the size of Massachusetts. The real threat is not creeping illiteracy nor Phyllis George nor AIDS. Soviet missile superiority, Japan’s Sony Walkman superiority and France’s cheese superiority are not the real problems.


Ever since then-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was swept from office in October, 1982, West Germany’s Social Democritic Party (SPD) has searched in vain for a leader who could match his skill in wooing moderate German voters. After the party’s unexpectedly handsome election victory on May 11 in the country’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, many German leftists believe that they have found their man.
The unlikely guru of the supply-side 1415

The unlikely guru of the supply-side

Face to face, Robert Mundell seems an unlikely man to shake the powerful. Soft-spoken, pale and rotund, his lank, greying hair hangs well below his rumpled collar. Mundell, at 52, more closely resembles the stereotype of an eccentric recluse.
The dangers of deficits 1617

The dangers of deficits

At the heart of the federal government’s effort to set the scene for a prosperous Canada with low levels of unemployment, inflation and taxes is the threat of continuing deficits. They must be considered in human, not accounting, terms because individual taxpaying Canadians bear the brunt of them.
A less combative stance in the West 2223

A less combative stance in the West

During the 15 years that Pierre Trudeau’s Liberals ruled in Ottawa, annual meetings of the western premiers regularly served as occasions for angry attacks on Ottawa over issues ranging from freight rates and revenue sharing to tariffs and taxes.
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