June 3, 1985

Driving into a second century 2829

Driving into a second century

Nothing in the high-ceilinged, traditionally decorated office suggests the power it houses. The most arresting object on the desk is a bright-green toy dump truck overflowing with paper clips. And when the small man gazing out of the window turns, offering his hand, it is easier to picture his ruddy cheeks and crinkly blue eyes behind the counter of a Main Street grocery store.
The Tories’ taxing sweep 89

The Tories’ taxing sweep

Glen Baxter lives on a carefully budgeted $35,000 a year as a New Brunswick Telephone Company engineering associate in a mortgaged white-frame house which he built outside Saint John. Now he expects that he, his wife and three teenage daughters will have to reduce their spending because of Finance Minister Michael Wilson’s federal budget.
A love affair with four wheels 3839

A love affair with four wheels

John Jerome thought he had it right. In his 1972 assault on car culture, titled The Death of the Automobile, he predicted an early demise for the four-wheeled predator that was roaming the civilized landscape with ever-increasing rapacity.
Stern thoughts on Canada’s defence 6b6c

Stern thoughts on Canada’s defence

No member of the Mulroney government has so deservedly earned a reputation for being close-mouthed as Erik Nielsen, 61, the deputy prime minister and minister of national defence. Before going to Nielsen's office on Parliament Hill for an interview, Maclean’s Senior Contributing Editor Peter C. Newman had been warned that he would be lucky if Nielsen would cite more than his name, rank and serial number.
A nation at the crossroads 2021

A nation at the crossroads

In the Greek countryside supporters spread rose petals at his feet and place red carpets in the path of his limousine. In Athens and other major cities vast crowds cheer his speeches. But behind the displays of adulation for Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou as he heads into a national election next week, there are signs of political shifts that could cost the charismatic leader of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok) the power he gained less than four years ago in a landslide electoral victory.
Putting out the welcome mat 4041

Putting out the welcome mat

Tories and businessmen had been criticizing it ever since Pierre Trudeau’s Liberals created the agency 11 years ago. According to them, the Foreign Investment Review Agency was slow, secretive and an impediment to foreign investment that was costing the country jobs and capital.
Making the ‘real thing’ obsolete T47

Making the ‘real thing’ obsolete

Coca-Cola is different now, and one wonders, really, if anything will make sense again. When the big bosses in Atlanta decided to change the Coke formula and, after 99 years, create a drink that, in their words, is “smoother, rounder, yet bolder,” they violated the boundary between commerce and the culture that nurtures it.
A hot-and-cold launch 4849

A hot-and-cold launch

The secret of enduring success in both business and the arts is solid research and development. In his sixth year as artistic director of the Shaw Festival, Christopher Newton is ensuring that the highly praised theatre company will maintain its momentum.
The trouble with democracy 5253

The trouble with democracy

These are rapidly moving times, the speed of events dazzling and confusing the mind. Each little event whirls and tumbles over the next, causing the memory to go on fast-forward. Perhaps that is why the silly season, which normally does not arrive until the dog-days of summer, has arrived so early this year.


In the second scandal to hit an American military contractor this spring, the U.S. Navy last week accused the mammoth General Dynamics Corp. of “pervasive” business misconduct, including influence-peddling and bill-padding.
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