June 24, 1985

A free-for-all week of terror 2223

A free-for-all week of terror

Ordinarily, Trans World Airlines Flight 847 is a short two-hour connector run between Athens and Rome. Indeed, last Friday’s flight began as usual, with the plane’s eight crew members greeting their 145 passengers for the pleasant two-hour crossing over the blue Mediterranean.
The price of power 1011

The price of power

This spring, as a single issue grew from soap opera to heated drama on the House of Commons floor, a display of 18th-century English political cartoons graced the National Gallery of Canada two blocks from Parliament Hill. One of the exhibits—a 1740 engraving by an unknown satirist—portrayed then-Prime Minister Robert Walpole bending before the British Treasury with “ye Cheeks of ye Postern” bared.
Inside a closely guarded fortress 2627

Inside a closely guarded fortress

Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, is a city of grand monuments. Along the broad avenues stand granite and concrete tributes to the rule of President Kim Il Sung, known affectionately among his subjects as the Great Leader. There are monuments to “Liberation” and to the “Martyrs of the People’s Army,” as well as the 220-foot-high Arch of Triumph, a near-replica of Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe in Paris and dedicated to Kim.
Tales of the ‘last Nazi’ 2829

Tales of the ‘last Nazi’

A tangled 40-year-old net slowly tightened last week around the “Angel of Death,” Josef Mengele. Each day evidence mounted that the world’s most wanted criminal, a man responsible for the deaths of 400,000 Nazi concentration camp inmates during the Second World War, had, in his own death, escaped his captors—and retribution for his crimes.
Guarding provincial pork barrels 1415

Guarding provincial pork barrels

In a classic political response to impending catastrophe, Ontario Premier Frank Miller last week clung to his right to make political appointments—just as victims of a fire instinctively grab for valued possessions before fleeing a burning building.
A massive and elaborate game of war 2021

A massive and elaborate game of war

If war is hell, then hell this month was a convenient three-hour drive southeast from Edmonton. In peacetime it is known as Camp Wainwright, 386 square miles of marshland, bush, rivers and rolling plains bearing a strategic resemblance to northwestern Europe.
Pointing the index finger 4041

Pointing the index finger

For Finance Minister Michael Wilson, the 500 U.S. and Canadian businessmen who gathered last week in the gilded ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in midtown Manhattan formed the friendliest audience he had seen in weeks. Wilson, who worked briefly in New York as an investment banker early in his career, said playfully: “I’m delighted to see so many of my friends from the investment banking business.
A disease that cripples the mind 4849

A disease that cripples the mind

Former Montreal theatre director Jeanine Beaubien first noticed the problem on vacation in Europe with her husband, Claude, in 1976. “He was forgetting the names of the cities we had visited,” Beaubien said. “At first he could usually cover up his forgetfulness.
The trouble with garage sales 8d9

The trouble with garage sales

For middle-class Canadians perceived injustices outnumber the real ones. In no month of the year is that more apparent than in June. June, as any urban dweller awake on Saturday morning knows, is the time of garage sales. When the garage sales follow on the heels of a federal budget widely criticized as an attack on the middle class, the contrast between real and perceived injustice is dramatic.
A Tory turnabout on ownership 5455

A Tory turnabout on ownership

Of the various definitions of patronage in the Oxford English Dictionary, the one I like is “guardianship, tutelary care, as of a divinity or a saint.” It is one that ought also to commend itself to the Irvings of New Brunswick who, if there is gratitude at all in this world, should be offering up thanks these days to St. Brian.
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