July 15, 1985

Politics in the Office 3233

Politics in the Office

The world of work seemed bright and full of promise when Donald Rosenthal, a gingery, newly minted Concordia University graduate, stepped into a marketing position at the Montreal office of International Business Machines Ltd. (IBM) four years ago.
Gorbachev closes his grip 1415

Gorbachev closes his grip

Brisk and businesslike, with his black leather portfolio tucked beneath his arm, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev skipped up the stairs of Moscow’s Grand Kremlin Palace en route to his offices. Behind him in their seats the other 12 members of the ruling Communist Party Politburo, its powerful Central Committee and the remaining 39 members of the Presidium moved on to the next item on last week’s agenda—the environment.
A startling AIDS-related discovery 4243

A startling AIDS-related discovery

In Warrenton, Va., a 14-month-old infant named Richard Jason Oliver died last year of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)—an affliction that most people at the time associated almost exclusively with male homosexuals. In the respected New England Journal of Medicine his doctor said that Jason had contracted the virus from two blood transfusions which he had received after his premature birth.
Stalking a media empire 2425

Stalking a media empire

When Paul Desmarais abruptly sold his six-percent interest in Canadian Pacific Ltd. late last month, he effectively abandoned any ambition to take over that company. But the surprise sale generated a new round of rumors last week that Desmarais’s Montreal-based Power Corp.
A dying city’s many faces 2021

A dying city’s many faces

It is Sunday in West Beirut and 39 Americans are prepared for their voyage to freedom. On the brown, sandy beaches, thousands of families sun themselves or swim in the gentle Mediterranean surf. Ice cream carts and stalls with inflatable plastic toys generate a steady trade.
A plea on behalf of free trade T27

A plea on behalf of free trade

Free trade with the United States is a topic most Canadians discuss with great trepidation. For some of us, the problems with the concept are economic: our industries will not stand the strain of international competition and will collapse, causing the unemployment rate to soar; or we will revert to being hewers of wood and drawers of water; or U.S. capital will flood into the country, foreign ownership will increase and we will become even more dependent on the Americans.
Faces and waistlines from the past 5657

Faces and waistlines from the past

The real reason why people go to high school reunions is to see what happened to the others. It is a contest to see who has deteriorated the most. One likes to compare hairlines and waistlines and, if possible, income lines. There is a sense of friendship about it, laughing anew with someone one once laughed with 35 years ago.
A reward for the great survivor 1617

A reward for the great survivor

From Yalta to Geneva, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan, he was the diplomatic voice of the Soviet Union. But last week Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko—the great survivor of Kremlin power struggles—was given a new stage on which to perform: the largely ceremonial post of president of the U.S.S.R. His appointment ended a remarkable 46-year career in the foreign ministry that spanned the era between the Second World War and its closing summit meetings and the current Geneva arms control talks.
The passion of a man of research 3031

The passion of a man of research

When Dr. Fraser Mustard was a young researcher documenting the vascular effects of too much fat in the bloodstream by experimenting with pigs, he made a deal with the medical staff at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital. In return for sharing his findings on how a diet comparable to that of humans tends to harden porcine arteries, staff dietitians agreed to scrape the unused butter off patients’ plates and to slip it to Mustard for his curly-tailed test cases.
Scandal in high places 89

Scandal in high places

Francis after becoming Commons speaker in 1984: payoffs and wiretapping Itwas a mere four-minute tape recording, but its contents electrified official Ottawa. It contained allegations of wild sex parties on Parliament Hill, electronic wiretapping of prime ministerial conversations and unauthorized financial payoffs.
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