July 29, 1985

The elegant isolation of Jeanne Sauvé 1011

The elegant isolation of Jeanne Sauvé

Unmasked by the absence of the makeup and jewelry she usually wears in public, Jeanne Sauvé leans back against a cream brocade sofa in the living room of her Montreal home. She is surrounded by elegant furniture and by her collection of silver boxes—cigarette boxes, trinket boxes and snuff boxes of different shapes and sizes.
Why Tears Are Not Enough 1415

Why Tears Are Not Enough

Less than three decades ago, as it began shedding its colonial shackles, the Dark Continent looked confidently to an independent future of economic growth and social development. But today legions of Africans are hungry and broke, sick and tired, humiliated and divided.
Managing Reagan’s recovery 2425

Managing Reagan’s recovery

All week White House officials orchestrated a media blitz that was calculated to appear upbeat. In an impromptu press room at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center, doctors reported that President Ronald Reagan was making a “spectacular” recovery from the two-hour-and-53-minute operation which had removed two feet of his large intestine and, with it, a two-inch tumor that had irrevocably altered the character of his second term.
Selling to the forgotten shopper 3435

Selling to the forgotten shopper

Beneath the garish, neon-lit facade of the famous Honest Ed’s discount store in Toronto, Anthony De Battista lined up for half an hour with another 150 bargain-hungry shoppers. For the 73-year-old retired hospital maintenance worker, who supports himself and his sister on a $500-a-month pension, the week’s shopping trip was a bonanza—a loaf of fresh white bread for 11 cents, two kilos of sugar for 59 cents and a package of smoked mackerel for $1.18.
Islands of African tranquillity 2223

Islands of African tranquillity

If the postcard-pretty East African country of Kenya has a national motto, it is the Swahili word harambe, which means “let us pull together.” And last year, when the arid desert wind that devastated their northern neighbors bound 17 million Kenyans in the same bone-dry grip of the worst drought the region had seen in 70 years, that is what they did —pull together.
Coping with a deadly drought 2021

Coping with a deadly drought

Across the breadth of northern Africa millions of people have fled from the advance of the world’s biggest desert, the Sahara, only to suffer from the longest sub-Saharan drought in memory. Countless millions have died, and more than 10 million refugees are starving or near starvation.
A nation succumbs to Rambomania T27

A nation succumbs to Rambomania

For summer fun we Americans are renewing hostilities in Vietnam, and this time, it can be reported, our side is doing rather well. All things are possible in a darkened movie theatre, even the reclamation of lost honor and the rescue of several GIS missing since we last trekked through Indochina.
The riddle of the Gulf deal 3233

The riddle of the Gulf deal

After months of delicate negotiations, the stage appeared set last week for one of the largest takeovers in Canadian history. Paul Reichmann, the 55-year-old chief negotiator for his family’s $13billion real estate empire, had patiently crafted an agreement that would allow his family to purchase 60 per cent of Calgary-based Gulf Canada Ltd.
The House Speaker under fire 1213

The House Speaker under fire

Since he was appointed Speaker of the House of Commons nine months ago, John Bosley has set aside the brash style he adopted as a Conservative member of Parliament and assumed the careful neutrality required in his job as the chief arbitrator and administrator of the Commons.
A superdrought in the West 89

A superdrought in the West

With every step that he takes across the pasture land he owns at Divide, Sask., near the Montana border, rancher Pete Butala stirs up a cloud of dust. Last winter the snow that Butala was counting on to supply moisture for his land failed to fall in sufficient quantities, and since early May no rain has fallen on his 13,000-acre spread.
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