August 12, 1985

The new terror of AIDS 3233

The new terror of AIDS

Pierre-Donat Robitaille’s birthday party last year began with a joke: 10 of his friends decorated a vanilla cake with 49 candles—11 more than his age. But the joke turned out badly because Robitaille, a bartender in downtown Toronto, was hardly able to blow the candles out.
Life returns to an anguished land 2223

Life returns to an anguished land

DeChinis a“living Buddha,” one of the holiest Buddhist monks in Tibet. By night he leads the chanting of the sutras, or Buddhist precepts, at the Tashilampo monastery in the lofty city of Xigatse, 3,000 km southwest of Peking. But by day his pursuits are more secular: shepherding curious foreign tourists through his monastery.
The pursuit of a cure 3637

The pursuit of a cure

AIDS invariably kills. Each year the number of victims suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome doubles, and the plague has spread far beyond the homosexual community where doctors diagnosed the first cases in 1981. Scientists are searching for ways to combat AIDS but the prognosis for patients is no better than it was four years ago: most will die within three years of contracting the condition.
The debate over ‘Star Wars’ 1011

The debate over ‘Star Wars’

The parliamentary committee is charged with examining two key issues—whether Canadian firms should help to research the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and whether Ottawa should seek a U.S.-Canada free trade pact. But since the 17-member committee began hearings last month, one of the subjects—SDI, or Star Wars —has dominated the discussions.
A satiric eye and a romantic heart 4041

A satiric eye and a romantic heart

In 1857 the Parisian critic and poet Charles Baudelaire championed an artist who was unknown to his fellow Frenchmen. Wrote Baudelaire: “I want to speak about a man who each morning keeps the populace of our city amused. The banker, the businessman, the urchin and the housewife all laugh and pass on their way without even glancing at his name.”
A high-risk hunt for Guyanese gold 2627

A high-risk hunt for Guyanese gold

It is a fortuitous but unlikely business relationship forged in the pursuit of gold. The investor is Golden Star Resources Ltd., an Edmonton-based mining company with a blue-ribbon board of directors that includes Ernest Manning, a former Alberta premier who acts as the company’s special adviser, and Donald Getty, a prominent Tory leadership candidate and potential premier.
British Columbia’s political malaise 1415

British Columbia’s political malaise

Three years ago British Columbia’s Social Credit government introduced the word “restraint” into the provincial political lexicon as a watchword for government thrift while Premier William Bennett tried to coax the province out of the worst recession since the 1930s.
Dealing for an oil giant 2425

Dealing for an oil giant

The Gulf Canada Ltd. jet took off shortly after 2 a.m. last Friday with a very important passenger—Toronto real estate tycoon Paul Reichmann. His destination: Switzerland, via New York. The purpose of his trip: a much-needed vacation. Barely an hour earlier, after 4½ months of determined pursuit and one sensational failure, Reichmann had closed a $2.85-billion deal that effectively made his family the new owners of the country’s fourth-largest oil company.
Future shock in organized labor 89

Future shock in organized labor

The Canadian labor movement is fighting for its life. Union membership is falling right across Canada, and in Quebec it is at a 16-year low, according to a national survey just released by the Quebec department of labor. Many union members are growing mistrustful of the collective bargaining process; in an unusual display of censure, the Canadian Air Line Flight Attendants’ Association recently voted against a recommendation of its chairman because of displeasure with his handling of negotiations on an Air Canada contract.
The thrill of watching whales at sea 4647

The thrill of watching whales at sea

Half an hour out of Tofino Inlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island, skipper Jamie Bray sounds the traditional call: “Thar she blows!” Twenty yards to starboard the barnacleencrusted head of a gray whale breaks the surface and snorts a plume of mist into the air through its twin blowholes.
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