September 2, 1985



Arriving onstage in broad daylight, Bruce Springsteen looked small, almost ordinary in his ragged T-shirt —one face surrounded by 64,000. His voice cut like an acetylene torch into the opening verse of Born in the U.S.A. But only when dusk fell and the giant video screens lit up did his image become larger than life.
Harvesting a plague of plenty 3233

Harvesting a plague of plenty

Like most farmers Harvey McEwen, a 33-year-old Saskatchewan wheat grower, has experienced both good years and bad. The 1970s, when the world’s wheat trade doubled to 98 million tons from 49 million tons, were the best of times. During that period Canadian farmers doubled crop production to 19 million tons, largely at the urging of Ottawa.
Mulroney at a crossroads 89

Mulroney at a crossroads

In downtown Vancouver’s affluent hotel district, British Columbia’s faltering economy and its 14-percent unemployment rate seem part of another, less fortunate world. From inside the Hotel Vancouver—where Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his inner cabinet were closeted for three days last week—guests can view evidence of local prosperity in the Bank of British Columbia office tower under construction across the street.
The Canadian navy’s hard-time days 4243

The Canadian navy’s hard-time days

The ultimate insult to what was once the world’s third-largest and arguably most effective maritime defence force—the Royal Canadian Navy—came in the shape of a private order, early last year, for four submarines from a shipbuilder at Port Moody, B.C.
All aboard the stairway to the stars 5051

All aboard the stairway to the stars

The concept is cosmic, the show is stunning and the intent is to deliver a relative rarity in modern mass entertainment: good old-fashioned clean fun. The out-of-this-world adventure is called Tour of the Universe and it will open to the public in early October in a 20,000-square-foot, multiroom theatre which the show’s producers built beneath Toronto’s CN Tower.
A simple case of moral hypocrisy 6D7

A simple case of moral hypocrisy

In the past few weeks our media have focused on South Africa. The apartheid of South Africa is evil and its horrific racism has been well documented. But after all these facts and incantations, the picture is still incomplete. What is missing in all accounts of the South African crisis proceeds from one fundamental thought: any expression of abhorrence against apartheid becomes meaningless and hypocritical unless it is accompanied both in words and in actions by an equal abhorrence for all other expressions of the denial of human freedom and dignity.
Rock’n’roll rebels with a cause 3031

Rock’n’roll rebels with a cause

When Bruce Springsteen and his friends from Asbury Park, N.J., began playing rock’n’roll during the late 1960s, their goals were characteristic of the era. Recalled Springsteen: “We wanted to meet girls, make a ton of dough and change the world a little bit.”
Commentary from the Commons 5253

Commentary from the Commons

If you loiter around the outer reaches of public affairs, you may have heard faint murmurings about the need to jazz up television coverage of the House of Commons. You didn’t even know it was televised, you say? Come on, television cameras have been routinely rivetted on the glistening brows of our members of Parliament since 1977, when traditions were trampled under, a parliamentary television network was established and cameras invaded the inner sanctum.


After years of arguing over proposals to cover a block-wide span of railway tracks across downtown Toronto with a huge office and apartment complex —and a retractable-dome sports stadium—city council finally approved the $2-billion project by a vote of 12 to 9.
Mitterrand's midsummer nightmare 1819

Mitterrand's midsummer nightmare

August in Paris is normally a quiet month because, by tradition, Parisians forsake the city’s summer heat to vacation at seaside resorts or cool mountain lodges. But last week key officials of Socialist President François Mitterrand’s government were all at their desks.
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