September 23, 1985

The making of ‘Joshua’ 4445

The making of ‘Joshua’

Joshua Then and Now is a simple film in the clear and guileless form of a fairy tale. The striving son of a thief marries a golden girl from another world, makes mistakes, meets with bad times and then, in a meadow crowded with lilies, rediscovers happiness.
An epidemic of fear 6061

An epidemic of fear

To the experts the reaction was unjustified and hysterical. But it was not mere ignorance that led parents to keep about 12,000 New York City students out of school last week when they learned that one seven-yearold with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was attending Grade 2 somewhere in the city.
Battling over basics 8d8e

Battling over basics

Freda Pryce, a mother of three with four stepchildren, wrote to the Vancouver newspapers in February, 1974, criticizing the educational standards in local schools. She says she had no idea that she would launch a reform movement that would eventually affect public schools across Canada.
The travels of a rebel chief 1617

The travels of a rebel chief

Ten years ago in November, Angolan nationalists wrested control of the country from the Portuguese colonialists. In the immediate aftermath of independence, and without elections, the Marxist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) took power with the support of a contingent of Cuban troops.
A retreat from apartheid 3435

A retreat from apartheid

Like a tap gradually being turned off, recently the presence of Canadian business in South Africa-through trade, bank loans and investments—has been slowly drying up. After years of withstanding pressure from churches and special interest groups to withdraw their business in order to protest apartheid, Canadian companies are moving to reduce their financial stake in South Africa amid concern that the growing political and economic uncertainty has undermined their holdings.
A soldier on the front lines of culture 7071

A soldier on the front lines of culture

As recently as six months ago the English-Canadian cultural community scorned Communications Minister Marcel Masse as an insensitive and interfering philistine. Artists and writers, reeling from his decision to cut $100 million from cultural funding, said that he wanted to take control over such pivotal agencies as the Canada Council.
Teaching native ways 8f8g

Teaching native ways

The Kahnawake Mohawk reserve on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, 25 km southwest of Montreal, is one of Canada’s oldest settled native communities. By contrast, the reserve’s system of education is one of the country’s newest. The first day of the current term at the Grades 7-to-11 Kahnawake Survival School began with school elder John Curotte, dressed in blue jeans and a plaid shirt, offering a thanksgiving in the Mohawk language.
A rude opening for Mulroney 1011

A rude opening for Mulroney

The 32-page booklet symbolized the government’s eagerness to show that the ship of state is under control and properly on course. Distributed to reporters in Ottawa by Conservative national headquarters last week, the document listed 85 achievements of the Tory government’s first year in office—complete with 34 photographs of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
A commitment to fluency S48a

A commitment to fluency

For eight years J’val Steward, now 16, spent three hours a day on a bus getting to and from grade school—despite the fact that there was an elementary school directly across the road from her home in southwest Calgary. The reason for that gruelling commute was academic: her commitment to attend Westgate Elementary School, five kilometres away, because it offered French immersion classes.
A deepening bank scandal 3031

A deepening bank scandal

In Edmonton last week a government-appointed supervisor and a team of accountants were working 12-hour days in a wood-panelled office on the 19th floor of the Canadian Commercial Bank headquarters. They had just begun the three-year job of winding up the affairs of the CCB, which the federal Conservatives ordered liquidated two weeks ago.
In search of educational excellence 67

In search of educational excellence

From Plato to John Dewey, history’s most thoughtful educational philosophers have argued that schools should lead social progress. The last great effort to reform public schools according to that principle was made in the 1960s, when North American educators and policymakers threw out the existing disciplinarian system.
All the news that’s fit to forget 7273

All the news that’s fit to forget

The problem is that there is a large surplus in the world today. The surplus is not of wheat nor of talk about AIDS nor of too many football teams in too many leagues. The problem is that there is too much news. The human brain, not to mention human patience, can absorb only so much.
A report card on reform 8lT1

A report card on reform

As Ontario’s education minister from 1962 to 1971, a young lawyer from Brampton, Ont., William Davis, presided over a radical transformation of the province’s school system. He launched a massive building program, literally eliminated the walls of the traditional classroom and allowed students to select their own curriculum.
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