October 28, 1985

The showdown on Bay Street 3839

The showdown on Bay Street

It is an inquiry that may permanently alter the rules of conduct and disrupt some of the closest relationships in the Canadian business community. On Nov. 12, the Ontario Securities Commission will begin a hearing into one of the most harshly contested takeovers in the country’s corporate history.


The man who will be sworn in as Alberta’s 11th premier next week is a lanky, soft-spoken westerner who often spends Saturday mornings leaning over the rails of Edmonton’s Northland Race Track chatting with the stable hands. Donald Getty’s fascination with the sport of kings—he owns five thoroughbreds with names such as Nice Norman and Years of Pleasure—is appropriate for a man who has made it to the top in every field that he has entered.
A nose dive for the mighty Blue Jays 6263

A nose dive for the mighty Blue Jays

Their dreams of baseball glory were gone with the wind, a chill October breeze that blew steadily toward right field in Exhibition Stadium. And the youthful Toronto Blue Jays were as heartbroken as their supporters across Canada were despondent.
The challenge of a brash new breed 4445

The challenge of a brash new breed

Some time in December a member of a Toronto brokerage firm will inform a floor trader on the Toronto Stock Exchange that his company wishes to buy a certain chunk of stock. With that, the buyers and sellers of the TSE will have completed a record $40 billion worth of trading in 1985.


One bullet hole in the back of his head, another in his chest, the battered body of Leon Klinghoffer washed ashore in Syria last week, eight days after his disappearance from the hijacked Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro. The fate of the crippled 69-yearold American tourist, who was shot and then dumped overboard, formed the focal point of the hijacking drama.
Bringing the waterfronts back to life 5253

Bringing the waterfronts back to life

During the 19th century the western end of Montreal’s harbor hummed with activity as freight trains unloaded shipments of prairie wheat at the port’s grain elevators. Then, with the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959 grain freighters were able to travel farther east with their cargo, unloading at such places as Baie Comeau, and the Old Port section of the harbor gradually declined in importance.
The author as an exile 8B8C

The author as an exile

Anthony Burgess, 68, is best known for his 1963 novel, A Clockwork Orange, which Stanley Kubrick turned into a controversial film in 1971. An urbane British expatriate who currently lives in Monaco, Burgess is also an accomplished composer, linguist, screenwriter, musician and critic.
Canadians as endangered species T29

Canadians as endangered species

Canada may need to go on the fertility pill. While tongues click about the Third World’s overpopulation problem, little attention has focused on the situation in the industrialized world. In European Russia, northern Europe, North America and parts of industrialized Asia, families are embracing zero population growth.
The loyal elite 45

The loyal elite

How odd that the CBC wants to reach the “younger generation that more closely resembles Canadian society” (“Seeking popularity,” Radio, Oct. 7). Radio has been a longer tradition in Canadian society than TV, and many of the CBC’s most loyal listeners have been abandoned by the trendy program changes.
A publishing prodigy 8FT1

A publishing prodigy

The taxi on the busy Manhattan street ran a red light and darted at high speed between a cement mixer and a bus—just to pick up a fare. As a group of pedestrians applauded, a newcomer to the city, New York University film student Gordon Korman, watched in astonishment.
The blessed 32 saving the world 7273

The blessed 32 saving the world

Can the world be saved? We are trying to do it, sitting here in the sunshine looking out over the soft green landscape, the Black Angus cattle and the silence that stretches forever. The gardens are sculpted in symmetrical grace, hedges and trees carved into bulbous shapes with care.
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