November 11, 1985



Joan Collins, star of the primetime TV soap opera Dynasty, was so desperate for an invitation to a Nov. 9 dinner-dance at the White House that she sent a newspaper clipping to Nancy Reagan noting in vain, as it turned out, that the evening’s guests of honor watched her show (the strategy failed).
Canada’s master builders 6465

Canada’s master builders

The Aga Khan stayed at a Canadian-designed hotel in Agra, India, in 1980 and he was so impressed with the structure that he asked the architects to build two more like it in Pakistan for his Serena hotel chain. An Australian entrepreneur visiting Vancouver was so taken with the floating houses of Vancouver’s Granville Island that he asked its architect to design a multimillion-dollar marine paradise for Queensland’s Gold Coast.
A window on the world of nature 8081

A window on the world of nature

Robert Bateman was painting on deadline. Sitting in his mother’s dining room in Toronto, Canada’s foremost wildlife artist was brushing a grey wash across the pencilled wing of a Canada goose when the doorbell rang. The owner of a small Ontario gallery had come to pick up the painting, a miniature that Bateman was to have ready for a show the next day.
A Secret Plan For Free Trade And Sovereignty 1415

A Secret Plan For Free Trade And Sovereignty

As Ottawa prepares to enter historic free trade talks with Washington, it is drawing up a sweeping program to reassure Canadians that the nation's basic sover eignty is not under threat. To that end, according to secret documents obtained by Maclean's, the Conservative government is studying plans for a far-reaching public relations campaign.
A Washington wit 12d12e

A Washington wit

When Sondra Gotlieb, wife of the Canadian ambassador to the United States, began her twice-monthly satirical letters on life in the U.S. capital for The Washington Post nearly two years ago, officials in Ottawa were not amused. In a Commons committee Sinclair Stevens, then foreign affairs critic for the Conservative opposition, questioned the propriety of a diplomat’s wife poking fun at the tribal rites of Washington’s sociopolitical jungle.
Secret pressure in high places 7071

Secret pressure in high places

Before his sudden resignation from the federal cabinet last September, Marcel Masse became widely known as a determined defender of Canadian culture. As communications minister in a government interested in attracting American investment, he took a bold stand to protect Canada’s cultural sovereignty.
The hunt at the top of the world 67

The hunt at the top of the world

Stephen Frost abruptly cut the motor on his boat and slid a bullet into his bolt-action rifle. In the clear light of an autumn Arctic afternoon he spotted several caribou, members of the great Porcupine herd, clambering out of a mudbank on the Yukon’s Porcupine River.
Assessing terrorism 89

Assessing terrorism

As chairman of the Knesset’s key foreign affairs committee, Israel’s Abba Eban, 70, is a particularly well-placed observer of the entire spectrum of Middle Eastern affairs. A member of the Labour Party, Eban was foreign minister under Golda Meir and before that he served as Israel’s envoy to the United Nations.
A secret plan for defending the North 2021

A secret plan for defending the North

Historically, Canada has never made more than a token effort to defend its vast and sparsely populated northern frontier. Since the late 1970s air crews from the Canadian Armed Forces have flown only about 16 long-range missions each year over the High Arctic, using unarmed patrol aircraft equipped with sophisticated electronic submarine sensors.
The shaping of a new national policy 1819

The shaping of a new national policy

Canadian sovereignty is not at risk. No country, in particular the United States, poses any serious risk to our sovereignty in the forms in which sovereignty is most often understood: as territorial integrity, equality and independence in law and national identity and consciousness.
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