November 25, 1985



Except for ceremonial occasions, he has put away his uniform. Currently, appearing before audiences of believers and skeptics alike, he wears an executive’s benign blue suit of unremarkable cut and speaks in such soothing tones that his listeners occasionally must strain to hear him.
'Like running into hell' 3435

'Like running into hell'

For the residents of Armero, a Colombian town of 21,000 nestled near the majestic Nevado del Ruiz volcano, there had been weeks of uneasiness. Before dawn last Thursday torrential rains began pounding the roofs of the town’s concrete-block buildings.
Dark clouds over the Grey Cup 5253

Dark clouds over the Grey Cup

As the champions of the eastern and western conferences of the Canadian Football League prepare this week for Sunday’s Grey Cup game in Montreal, much more is at stake than which team will win the 73rd Cup. Although accustomed to crisis, the CFL—once considered a national bond on the level of the railways —now faces the severest challenges of its scarred and storied history.
French Eden in trouble 12fT1

French Eden in trouble

It has been called the Paris of the Pacific. Its broad avenues are congested with French Citroën and Peugeot cars, driven noisily and fast. Residents linger in outdoor cafés, and topless tourists sip Perrier on the beach between the Club Med Hotel and the casino.
Continental’s confidence 4243

Continental’s confidence

The elevator doors slide open to reveal a spacious, well-appointed interior which is designed to resemble the inside of a luxurious mansion. But last week the executive offices of the Continental Bank of Canada on Adelaide Street in downtown Toronto were unusually quiet.
The limits of tolerance 3233

The limits of tolerance

On Sept. 15, the night before the Jewish new year, one generation of Jews, mainly men over 60, gathered inside Moscow’s central synagogue to perform the traditional evening service. Outside, on Arkapova Street, watched by the militia and the plainclothes KGB, roughly 2,000 Jews of the new generation were engaged in a defiant demonstration of hope.
A fighter in the House 12b12c

A fighter in the House

Hanging in a place of honor in Raymond Garneau’s cramped office on Parliament Hill, the photograph is one of the first things that visitors notice. It shows the Quebec MP in an earlier career: as a smiling and youthful minister of finance in the Quebec Liberal government of Robert Bourassa.


The beloved storybook elephant Babar, who has been described as looking “like an unbaked cookie,” will star in his first Canadian animated television film, Babar and Father Christmas, based on the story by Parisian author/illustrator Jean de Brunhoff, the originator of the popular picture-book series.
A Star Wars scenario 3031

A Star Wars scenario

Its harshest critics maintain that President Ronald Reagan's objective of creating a generation of space-based defensive weapons belongs in a Hollywood film script, not a Washington policy manual. But Reagan, a former movie star familiar with both types of writing, insists his dream can become reality.
Reopening the death pits T8T9

Reopening the death pits

The chill Atlantic wind blows over the southern Newfoundland outport of St. Lawrence, brushing the gravestones in the community graveyards. There, at least 200 miners are buried, victims of what surviving residents call the town’s “death pits”: mining shafts that lead 1,000 feet underground to deposits of fluorspar.
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