December 2, 1985

A Protestant legacy 12f12g

A Protestant legacy

The prayers of a tiny congregation echo each Sunday afternoon in the crypt of England’s Canterbury Cathedral—in halting French. Many of the same intonations, betraying the same awkward command of the language, reverberate in New York City’s Eglise Française du Saint Esprit on 60th Street.
Raising toasts to a new era 3233

Raising toasts to a new era

It was a clink heard around the world. Glasses raised, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev ended their long-awaited summit in Geneva last week with a warm exchange of chilled champagne toasts—and a pledge to meet again soon. The brief ceremony, featuring an inexpensive bottle of French champagne purchased by the U.S. delegation from a local hotel, was held in a small room above the auditorium of the International Conference Centre.
Quebec's Watershed Election 1415

Quebec's Watershed Election

As his dark-blue, government-issue Pontiac Parisienne slipped along Montreal’s Park Avenue last week, Robert Bourassa nibbled from a bag of grapes, took messages on his car telephone and read from the policy papers spread on the back seat beside him.
The high cost of jobs in Cape Breton 2627

The high cost of jobs in Cape Breton

This month the Sydney Steel Corp. (SYSCO) will fire up its coke ovens for the first time in two years, sending a cloud of smoke over the working-class Cape Breton neighborhood of Whitney Pier. It will also add sticky black tar to the 750,000 tons that already clog Muggah Creek, the narrow inlet of poisoned water running between the plant and the tree-lined side streets leading to Sydney’s Battery Point.
A singular economic remedy T813

A singular economic remedy

The past quarter century has witnessed the world’s golden age of trade. And as trade has expanded, the global economy has become more closely integrated. Watching that trend, an increasing number of economists and politicians around the world pronounced it good.
A high-stakes saga 5051

A high-stakes saga

It was billed by its promoters as a high-risk, high-romance investment. When it was founded in 1981, East Coast Energy Ltd. of Halifax appealed to the Maritimers who dreamed of tapping the promised riches of offshore oil and gas exploration.
The Danish town that toys built 67

The Danish town that toys built

Christmas begins early in Billund, a tranquil little town on the Jutland Moors in Denmark, 200 km west of Copenhagen. From late August to October, Billund’s factories rush to fill holiday orders for the world’s bestselling, most popular construction toy: the brightly colored plastic blocks known as “Lego” bricks.
The new Liberal lawman 12h12i

The new Liberal lawman

The small group of judges hurried out of the modern Barrie, Ont., courthouse with unusual eagerness to meet the grey-haired man from Toronto. Inside, a dozen court clerks waited. They, too, had purposely stayed late on an October afternoon to meet the visitor.
Salesman for all seasons 12b12c

Salesman for all seasons

A maverick at the helm 68b68c

A maverick at the helm

With his lofty brow and trim beard, Bill Glassco resembles a patrician from the world of Shakespeare or Shaw. But despite his noble bearing and aristocratic pedigree, Glassco has made his name by pushing contemporary theatre into the spotlight rather than reviving the classics.
Leader without a pack T2T3

Leader without a pack

She was an obscure economist who almost overnight became both a national figure in West Germany and an outspoken leader of the international environmental movement. During the 1983 West German national election, a thin, angular political activist, Petra Kelly, jolted her country with her campaign for an obscure fringe party that promised to overcome traditional political divisions.


When Alberta’s Premier Donald Getty announced at his swearing-in on Nov. 1 that his government planned to rename Kananaskis Provincial Park in honor of his predecessor, former premier Peter Lougheed indicated that he was deeply moved.
A deadly volcano’s uncertain future 6465

A deadly volcano’s uncertain future

The pain and the fear persisted in the shadow of the killer volcano that continued to cough and wheeze 10 days after it “cleared its throat” in a cataclysmic explosion. And a grieving Colombia tried to brace itself last week against the grim possibility of fresh disaster boiling up within the 16,200-foot Nevado del Ruiz.
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