December 9, 1985

A visionary remembers 8d8e

A visionary remembers

For 67 years Bruce Hutchison has been a newspaperman and author living in Victoria. As editor of the Victoria Daily Times, associate editor of the Winnipeg Free Press and editorial director of the Vancouver Sun, he established himself as one of Canada’s leading journalists and political commentators.
Wrinkles steals the season 4041

Wrinkles steals the season

Unlike many of its competitors on store shelves and in children’s hearts, the holiday toy that is most in demand this year has not starred in a feature-length cartoon, does not have a Saturday-morning television series and has not given its name to a breakfast cereal.
Cashing in on Christmas 4243

Cashing in on Christmas

In Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, entrepreneur Steven Balyi and the 21 employees of his company, Inner Circle Provender Ltd., were busy last week making fruitcake—5,000 lb. of it worth $50,000. One hundred kilometres to the south, on the rocky slopes of Lunenburg County on the Atlantic coast, Christmas-tree grower Matthew Wright and a score of helpers were working 12hour days cutting and baling thousands of balsam fir trees for shipment as far south as the Caribbean.
Stalking the Nazis 67

Stalking the Nazis

The man in the old-fashioned suit stolidly eating a dish of liver and potatoes in New York’s Doral Park Hotel restaurant looked more like a retired university professor than the world’s most famous and tireless Nazi hunter. As he ate, Simon Wiesenthal, 76, astonished his luncheon companions—two lawyers from Canada’s 10-month-old Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals—with his memory of detailed evidence against the people he has pursued.


Christmas is a love story, not a fairy tale. And like the traditional Canadian Christmas tree, the event is evergreen —utterly familiar, eternally enchanting. Equally enchanting are the annual celebrations in which more than a billion Christians around the world mark the birth of Jesus.
A crisis in Canada’s chemical valley 5455

A crisis in Canada’s chemical valley

Canada’s “chemical valley”—a collection of 13 petrochemical, glass and plastics factories stretching more than 10 km along the banks of the St. Clair River south of Sarnia, Ont.—has traditionally been a symbol of the country’s industrial strength.
The small car invasion 3031

The small car invasion

The new Chevrolet models that started rolling into show rooms across North America in October sported a classic symbol of the U.S. auto industry—the Chevrolet grill badge, shaped like a bow tie. But three of the Chevy models—the Nova, Spectrum and Sprint—are anything but all-American.
A treasury of children’s books 4445

A treasury of children’s books

For Canadian publishers, producing glossy children’s picture books for the holiday market is one of the delights in an often tedious industry. At the same time, it can be a financial nightmare; printing sumptuous color illustrations for the under-7 set is a costly gamble.
Murders with many causes 2021

Murders with many causes

Polite and impeccably dressed, the young man looked at first glance like any other Arab businessman. But as he sat down beside Australian engineer Anthony Lyons for Flight 648—EgyptAir’s Nov. 23 Saturday-night flight from Athens to Cairo—Lyons noticed that his seatmate seemed tired and extremely nervous.
Getting ready on the right in Alberta 1415

Getting ready on the right in Alberta

Outside of the province, few would question the conservative credentials of Alberta’s 14-year-old Tory government. But according to a highly vocal Alberta minority, the Conservatives have taken the government down a dangerous “socialistic” path.
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