February 3, 1986

Submarines and deceit 1011

Submarines and deceit

In hindsight, it seemed like a strikingly inappropriate enterprise to launch in the landlocked Ontario city of Kitchener. But when the local Kitchener-Waterloo Record reported last March that a company called DWS Naval Research and Design Inc. intended to build a $20-million miniature submarine research and manufacturing company, residents of the industrial city of 150,000 welcomed the proposal.
New hope for the children 2021

New hope for the children

Their pleading faces haunt the dark side of the Western world’s conscience. For visitors to the developing world’s poor countries, they are the ragged waifs begging for a few pesos, cruzeiros or rupees. For most, the images of children in want, or dying of preventable diseases, are disturbingly documented on television in the faces of famished African infants, orphans of Asian wars or abandoned urchins in the streets of Latin America.
Challenging Reagan 2627

Challenging Reagan

The picture that Ronald Reagan presented to the world as he emerged from Bethesda Naval Hospital was one of jaunty confidence. Wearing a windbreaker after the surgery that removed three polyps from his large intestine only six months after the discovery of cancer of the colon, the grinning President flashed a “thumbs-up” sign as he boarded a helicopter to recuperate at his weekend retreat in Camp David, Md.
Sorting out the conflicts 1415

Sorting out the conflicts

By the urgent and secretive activity that surrounded it, the Victoria legislature building seemed more like a fortress under siege last week than the stately home of democracy in British Columbia. Late Tuesday night Premier William Bennett conferred with senior aides in closed-door strategy sessions.
Fairness and white refugees 89

Fairness and white refugees

One of the best-selling books last Christmas in South Africa was a slim volume called Leaving South Africa. The book is crammed with information for panicky South Africans wanting out: immigration requirements of various countries are rated, job skills evaluated, necessary documents listed.
The banks recharge 4041

The banks recharge

After five months of spectacular failures and near escapes, the banking crisis appeared to be easing across the nation last week. In Winnipeg, Justice Daniel Kennedy of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench ended a four-month legal battle when he appointed a liquidator to wind up the affairs of the defunct Northland Bank of Calgary.
Waiting for an important call 6465

Waiting for an important call

Having invented Brian Mulroney, your agent finds it hard to junk the project. One is obligated for one’s invention. One cannot run away from one’s responsibilities. The one flows from the other. You get stuck with the results. A serious person, as God knows in Her Wisdom we are, accepts the debts.


Many Frenchmen call it “la fin du règne.” After five years of Socialist government under President François Mitterrand, an alliance of France’s two most important right-wing parties—the Rassemblement pour la République (RPR) and the Union pour la Démocratie Française (UDF)—is growing more confident of victory in legislative elections on March 16.
Bay Street’s Yankee marshal 4243

Bay Street’s Yankee marshal

The wide-stance bull on the ample credenza in the office of Michael Sanderson, the chairman of Merrill Lynch Canada Inc., is carved out of British Columbia jade. Only the occasional visitor who takes the time and trouble to examine the animal’s features will discover that the green beast is chuckling.
A lost dream of wealth 4041

A lost dream of wealth

For years leading Saskatchewan politicians claimed that the province’s vast deposits of potash would eventually equal the value of Alberta’s oil reserves. And in 1980, when a trade delegation from China signed a contract to buy 650,000 tons of the pinkish chemical fertilizer annually for three years, the sale seemed to enhance the mineral’s promise.
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