March 3, 1986



Late last summer the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, frustrated with fighting a losing battle, resolved to start a war. For several years the oil-rich Middle Eastern power broker had tried to persuade members of the 13-nation Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to hold down production and prevent declining international oil prices from falling further.


The batallion of 1,000 marines, the tanks and the armored cars of the ruler had pulled to within 2.5 km of the national police headquarters in Manila on Sunday, with orders to smash a popular uprising. But thousands of Filipinos loyal to opposition leader Corazon (Cory) Aquino blocked the way.
Hot art in a cool medium 4849

Hot art in a cool medium

It was a case of artists seeking revenge against television. Eleven years ago in a San Francisco parking lot, a souped-up 1959 Cadillac smashed through a wall of burning television sets at high speed. While TV cameras turned the spectacle into a colorful item on the evening news, the organizers, a local artists’ collective named Ant Farm, used their own cameras to create a now-classic videotape titled Media Burn.
Wilson’s budget battle 89

Wilson’s budget battle

For months Federal Finance Minister Michael Wilson looked despondent. Sitting in the Commons, frequently frowning, he answered opposition questions with a mixture of boredom and disdain. But in January, when the dollar began falling, interest rates started rising and the business community began complaining, the 48-year-old former Toronto stockbroker rallied.
A dramatic shift in the patterns of work 3233

A dramatic shift in the patterns of work

In a modern tale of two cities, there are economic losers and winners. In the bleak Cape Breton community of Port Hawkesbury (population 3,850), the unemployment rate is a staggering 40 per cent. Two weeks ago the Breton Marine Industries shipyard went into receivership—with the loss of 110 jobs—because the company could not compete with subsidized foreign ship builders.
Return of the pedlars 6dT1

Return of the pedlars

In a street crowded with nearly 2,000 sidewalk entrepreneurs, Yui Jiao Er has proven her worth as a businesswoman. She runs a modest stall on a thoroughfare in the central Chinese city of Wuhan known as Han Zhen Ji (The Street of Little Things).
A difficult choice of tyrannies T27

A difficult choice of tyrannies

The recent events in the Philippines create an agonizing dilemma for people who support democracy. The election held by President Ferdinand Marcos may not have been the most fraudulent election in the world, but it was nonetheless a rigged affair.
Reagan’s memorial visit 2425

Reagan’s memorial visit

For several days they painted buildings and cleaned the streets. Prime Minister Herbert Blaize proclaimed the occasion a national holiday. And when President Ronald Reagan finally touched down last week at the scene of what many Americans consider his greatest foreign policy triumph, residents of the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada greeted him with initial enthusiasm.
A modern music man 66a

A modern music man

Ever since his landmark opera Louis Riel was first produced in 1967, composer Harry Somers has been a commanding figure in the Canadian music scene. His prodigious output of hundreds of classical compositions ranges from orchestral works to choral adaptations of folksongs.
An Oilperson’s limitations 5657

An Oilperson’s limitations

The male of the species is magnificent in his ignorance. Rampant stupidity issues forth from his ample brain cells. Blindness clouds his forehead. Obtuseness covers his grey matter like a thick pouf. He rules the world and builds empires, collects conglomerates and arranges Bay Street and Wall Street takeovers, but he remains dumb, blind and emotionally crippled.
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