April 21, 1986



The scene could appear on any Caribbean postcard. In the fading Sunday-afternoon sun, the turquoise waves of the Caribbean lap lazily against a curve of white sand on Cuba’s south shore, where two lovers lie entwined beneath the coconut palms.
The threat to free trade 4041

The threat to free trade

It was a dramatic opening to a critical congressional hearing. Early last Friday morning the four leading members of the powerful Senate Finance Committee strode into an oak-panelled room in the Dirksen Building on Capitol Hill and mounted a dais.
Adolescent fiction comes of age 6263

Adolescent fiction comes of age

Growing up lonely in Winnipeg, a Métis girl named Beatrice Culleton found school to be an alienating experience. She dropped out of grade 12 in 1966, at 17. Although she enjoyed reading, she was unable to find books in her school library that dealt with the realities of her life.
The Ottawa rumor mill 1213

The Ottawa rumor mill

Brian Mulroney clearly had his political batteries recharged. Looking fit and tanned after a 10-day vacation in Palm Beach, Fla., the Prime Minister strode into the House of Commons last week, his spirits buoyed by a steady stream of good news.
A visual feast of past and present 7273

A visual feast of past and present

As Expo 86 brings the hordes of tourists to British Columbia, the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) is attempting to lure them away from the fair’s high-tech wonders with two new shows—one of traditional fine art, the other of works by contemporary West Coast artists.
All the news that’s fun to print 5859

All the news that’s fun to print

In the legends of Vancouver journalism, Father Divine, who posed as a deity, once returned to the United States from a mission to the city accompanied by a blond lumber heiress. One night sometime later the news ticker clacked out word that the divinity had wed the local disciple—news that warranted waking the city editor. And, as the story goes, the editor, Hymie Koshevoy, with scarcely a pause to shake off sleep, said, “Okay, here’s your head:
An education system under siege 10h11

An education system under siege

Teachers are swell people, generally speaking, and should be treated accordingly. For some, nothing less than Congressional Medals of Honor are in order, such is the magnitude of their service to the republic. Who among us, after all, would care to attempt pedagogic discourse with the Sex Pistols crowd or spend hours extolling Shakespeare to readers of Truly Tasteless Jokes?
Pride in the ‘Park’ 10d10e

Pride in the ‘Park’

Marion Rice sat on a sagging brown chesterfield and complained about the radiator. “Too hot in here sometimes,” the 47year-old housewife said. Still, the mother of three had no serious misgivings about living in the sprawling subsidized housing project called Regent Park, located in central Toronto.


When the Nova Scotia legislature resumed last Feb. 27, Culture, Recreation and Fitness Minister William Joseph (Billy Joe) MacLean was not in his seat. MacLean, 49, was at home, recovering from a heart attack. Last week the recuperating Conservative MLA for Inverness South suffered a political setback that is likely to further delay his return to the provMacLean:
An oasis of extremes on the coast 7677

An oasis of extremes on the coast

It was a very splashy affair in Vancouver the other night. The Centennial Ball, to mark the city’s birthday, in the magnificence of the new Pan Pacific Hotel, which juts out into the harbor above the soaring sails on the Canada Place pavilion that make the whole project appear eager to set to sea.
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