July 28, 1986

Regal opposition 1213

Regal opposition

After months of maintaining her steely stance, the Iron Lady finally seemed ready to bend. Last Thursday British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher told the House of Commons that if Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe’s meeting this week with South African President Pieter Botha did not produce any tangible results on ending apartheid, her government was preparing a wide range of “contingency plans.”


Gossip. It is a powerful currency in the realm of romance—and of politics. Gossip—confirmed by Deep Throat—helped a pair of Washington reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, to unearth the Watergate scandal which toppled U.S. President Richard Nixon in 1974.


Last week four young women won the Canadian finals of the New York Elite Model Agency’s annual Look of the Year search, which qualifies them to compete in the world finals to be held in Italy this fall. Each of them said that she thought the look currently sought by modelling agencies has changed.
Lucrative lawbreaking 89

Lucrative lawbreaking

The cargo was sensitive—11 pulsed twystron microwave tubes, valued at $32,000 each, for use in radar air defences. The transfer had been meticulously planned: trucked to Montreal from an American wholesaler in Newark, N.J., shipped to Turkey and smuggled across the border into Iran.
Big money at the movies 2223

Big money at the movies

He is Canada’s leading man of film, but he has never appeared on the silver screen. Instead, Garth Drabinsky, 37, former entertainment lawyer and film producer, is determinedly and profitably restructuring the movie theatre business in North America.
Revolution under siege 1617

Revolution under siege

It is known as the Heroic City. Three times in 1978 and 1979, the people of Esteli rose up against Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle, who responded with an intense aerial bombardment which devastated the city of 30,000. Last week a still-scarred Esteli, 97 km north of Managua, was again the centre of attention as thousands of Nicaraguans gathered there to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Sandinista revolution that overthrew Somoza.
The incredible shrinking dollar 67

The incredible shrinking dollar

Canadians depend on exporting goods to the United States for their standard of living. But Washington has embarked on a set of policies designed to keep selected exports out of the country. The main action is directed against Japan, which has a trade surplus with the United States of $55 billion.


An unwritten law of the summer box office is that you can lead moviegoers to air-conditioned theatres, but you can’t make them think. Once again, summer audiences are lining up for breezy comedies, including Back to School, Club Paradise, Ruthless People and such flyweight action fantasies as The Karate Kid Part II and Top Gun.
The year’s most bitter harvest 5253

The year’s most bitter harvest

The pressure cannot be withstood any longer. The incessant demands are too much. The cries for fair play assault my ears and tear at my heart. Justice must be done. The appeals must be listened to. There is no denying their justification. I speak, of course, about the annual justification for turnabout—this being a most democratic page as you know— and the tradition of the readers having their say.
The shock of scandal 2425

The shock of scandal

Action on the floor of Canada’s largest commodity exchange is swift and frantic as the market brokers shout out their bids and prices. In the two main trading pits of the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, grain companies, farmers, speculators and traders buy and sell grain and oilseed crops daily in rapid-fire transactions worth just under $10 billion a year.
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