August 18, 1986



They posed for the usual photographs: seven Commonwealth leaders smiling together on the manicured lawn of London's Marlborough House, the grand 18thcentury residence that serves as the organization’s headquarters. After the two-day mini-summit ended five hours later, a few delegates even issued the usual statements about the Commonwealth remaining as unified as ever.
A boom in the books of the profits 4445

A boom in the books of the profits

When a book attracts enthusiastic attention even before its publication date, it is one sign that its publishers may be on to a trend. After The Financial Post weekly began publicizing its upcoming book, The Financial Post Selects the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Canada, Post reporter Eva Innes, one of the three authors, started receiving phone calls at home.


In the face of mounting international pressure against South Africa’s white-minority government, Foreign Minister Roelof (Pik) Botha was openly defiant. Describing the endorsement last week of new economic sanctions against Pretoria by Commonwealth leaders as “cynical, evil and a hysterical stampede,” Botha said that South Africa will withstand any pressure to abandon apartheid.
Buying on borrowed cash 3031

Buying on borrowed cash

The 15-minute videotape features upbeat music, detailed charts, a luxurious office— and confident executives extolling the rewards that can be had by borrowing money to invest in mutual funds. Distributed by Vancouver-based First City Trust Co. to help mutual fund salesmen sign up new clients, the sleek presentation conjures up an investor’s dream: a man with $10,000 borrows another $20,000 and buys shares in mutual funds—a portfolio of stocks and other securities run by professional money managers.
Patrolling the Arctic 89

Patrolling the Arctic

On paper, the ship is magnificent. An artist’s scale rendering shows her graceful red hull smashing effortlessly through an Arctic ice field. Amidships, huge red maple leaves are emblazoned on twin smokestacks and a Canadian flag flutters from a mast high above the deck.
Declawing a military lion 3435

Declawing a military lion

Lavi, the name of a sleek, sweptwing fighter-bomber, means young lion in Hebrew. With a prototype already built, the Lavi is intended as a fast and potent weapon for the Israeli air force in the 1990s. But recently the menacing fighter’s leonine appetite for funding, which is about $1.65 billion, mainly from U.S. defence aid, has already been spent.
Ed Broadbent’s amazing recovery 5253

Ed Broadbent’s amazing recovery

Over the past two years Ed Broadbent and the federal New Democrats have staged one of the most remarkable political comebacks in recent Canadian history. Faced with near obscurity following the resignation of Pierre Trudeau (when the polls put them at a meager 11 per cent of the decided vote), the NDP gained an impressive 19 per cent of the popular vote in the September, 1984, election.
A discordant song of sanctions 67

A discordant song of sanctions

It was my bad luck to be in London last week when the Commonwealth falsetto choir was attempting another of its dreadful oratorios. Last week’s performance starred our own Brian Mulroney, who seems to have found his natural oratorical level in the company of such windbags as the notorious secretary general of the Commonwealth, Sir Shridath Ramphal.
A conservative on trial 2425

A conservative on trial

When President Ronald Reagan nominated William. Hubbs Rehnquist to be the 16th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court two months ago, even critics of Rehnquist’s unwavering conservatism predicted that he would receive the required Senate approval easily.
Anchoring a retail giant’s future 3839

Anchoring a retail giant’s future

This month the 75 outlets of Sears Canada Inc. begin to accept DISCOVER credit cards, pointing the way to their eventual transformation into financial supermarkets. Sears’ U.S. parent company has achieved spectacular success with the DISCOVER system (run from Delaware through Greenwood Trust), selling not only insurance, mortgages, stocks and other financial services, but airline tickets and hotel reservations as well.
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