August 25, 1986



The four Newfoundland fishermen aboard the Atlantic Reaper were hauling in nets heavy with cod early last week when eerie sights and sounds emerged from the dense fog. Less than half a kilometre away two fibre glass lifeboats, powerless and lashed together, bobbed on the light ocean swell.
A promise of fairer taxes 3031

A promise of fairer taxes

After years of debate, the movement for tax reform in the United States rested in the hands of two men last week. Representative Dan Rostenkowski, an Illinois Democrat, and Senator Robert Packwood, an Oregon Republican, huddled around a felt-covered table in a meeting room in Washington’s Capitol Building.
Pop music baptizes a new superstar 4647

Pop music baptizes a new superstar

The world’s best-selling black vocalist is a vivid icon of pop sensuality. At a recent concert in Long Island, N.Y., Whitney Houston, her long legs encased in skin-tight leotards, shimmied across the stage to shouts of “We love you Whitney” from her adoring fans.
Velvet gloves and soft talk 2021

Velvet gloves and soft talk

In the opening minutes of last week’s annual summer meeting of the 10 provincial premiers, Alberta Treasurer Dick Johnston laid down the ground rules: “It is going to be roll back the chairs and let’s talk— none of this sitting across the table handing out position papers.
Bhutto raises the stakes 2425

Bhutto raises the stakes

The struggle was between Pakistan’s strongman Gen. Mohammed Zia ul-Haq and an attractive young woman whose father he had executed. Last month opposition forces led by Benazir Bhutto and supporters of President Zia scheduled rival rallies to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day, Aug. 14.


To the Western tourists who used to flock to the verdant island off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka seemed like a tropical paradise. The Sinhala-language words Sri Lanka mean the “resplendent land,” and biblical scholars once identified the island as the probable site of the Garden of Eden.
Dissident recipes for dialogue 2829

Dissident recipes for dialogue

Soviet prison culture provides an example of what Israel must avoid in its contacts with the Soviet Union. This is what may be called “the menu 9A syndrome.” The Soviet prison system uses the curtailment of calorie intake as a punishment for disobedience and supplements the prisoner’s diet as a reward.
Signals of a looming depression 67

Signals of a looming depression

Economists know so little about how the economy works that they are still arguing about what tipped the world into the Great Depression almost 60 years ago. So it is less than reassuring when economists tell us—as they do with stunning regularity—that a depression cannot happen again.
Good news in a one-paper town 3839

Good news in a one-paper town

On Aug. 27, 1980, after nearly 95 years, The Ottawa Journal shut up shop. Superficially, Ottawa was left a one-newspaper town, another place without competition to keep news gatherers—and managementkeen. It was in response to the simultaneous shutdown of the Journal in Ottawa and the Tribune in Winnipeg, one each by the Thomson and Southam organizations, that caused then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau to set up the Kent commission in 1980 “to inquire generally into the newspaper industry in Canada” and to prescribe remedies for any ill effects found of excessive concentration of ownership.
The children’s murders 3839

The children’s murders

Dozens of grimfaced searchers combed the Rocky Mountain foothills last week searching for the bodies of two children. At the same time, Calgary carpenter Alois Dolejs stood silently in an Alberta provincial courtroom charged with the kidnappings and first-degree murders of his son, Pavel, 12, and daughter, Gabriela, 10.
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