October 13, 1986



The history—and the future—of Canada consists of millions of such stories. Canada is a nation of immigrants. Its trees were felled, its rails laid, its prairies cleared and its cities built by successive generations of misfits and refugees.


LUCY FELDMAN, 38, Winnipeg Birthplace: Kiev, U.S.S.R. Education: Kiev Institute of Music, diploma in teaching and accompaniment Occupation At Home: head, piano department, Kiev Music School Arrived In Canada: January, 1980 First Job In Canada: accompanist, Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
Dissent in the ranks 10d10e

Dissent in the ranks

As top Liberal party strategist for 25 years, Senator Keith Davey proved so adept at orchestrating federal electoral victories that he became known as The Rainmaker, a name he adopted for his political memoirs published this month. Davey's skill at managing more than six election campaigns kept him at the centre of the Liberal party's power structure.
Free from the start 2223

Free from the start

Brian Mulroney’s two-year-old government formally unveiled its new look last week, but the early reviews were unfavorable. For three months the Prime Minister and his advisers had planned a strategy that would help them recover from setbacks suffered in the first half of the Conservative term.
Thawing out the Cold War 2829

Thawing out the Cold War

In the carefully coded language of diplomacy, it will only be a meeting. Both U.S. and Soviet officials have taken pains to avoid the word summit—so as not to arouse unrealistic expectations. But no matter what the billing is, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev will sit down together in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Oct. 11 and 12.
The quest for the Cup begins again 5253

The quest for the Cup begins again

From the rafters of the Montreal Forum hang 23 Stanley Cup banners. They date back to the 1915-16 season and proclaim the triumph of the most successful franchise in North American professional sport, the Montreal Canadiens. The latest— marked 1985-1986—is a surprise addition to the collection.
War on drugs 45

War on drugs

We were rather disappointed that your story devoted to drug use in Canada (“The new drug crusade,” Cover, Sept. 29) failed to tell us anything we did not already know. We know about how much money is involved. We know about how ingenious smugglers can be and how difficult is the task of law enforcement officials.
Campaigning for readers 7071

Campaigning for readers

Last year former Liberal MP Jean Chrétien’s autobiography, Straight From the Heart (Key Porter), catapulted to the top of the national best-seller list. Published in English and French editions, the book became the first work by a Canadian author to sell more than 150,000 hardcover copies in a single year.
Lament of an American patrician T411

Lament of an American patrician

Last November Gore Vidal left his vineyards at Ravello, Italy, and journeyed to New York to speak at a benefit for the writers’ group, PEN International. The expatriate author spoke on one of his favorite themes— all about how horrid American policy has been to the downtrodden of the world.
New world rhapsodies 6869

New world rhapsodies

In 1892 the Czech composer Antonín Dvorák sailed to New York. For the next three years he directed the city’s National Conservatory of Music, at once fascinated by America and strongly nostalgic for his homeland. His stay in the United States was productive: it inspired Symphony No. 9 (From the New World), the superb Cello Concerto and two of his finest chamber works.
Africa’s cult musician 89

Africa’s cult musician

When one of Africa’s most celebrated musicians receives visitors at his home in the Nigerian capital of Lagos, he lounges in little more than a striped bathing suit, which tends to slip down in the back. But when Felá Anikũlapo-Kuti jumps on stage to perform, his costume is a study in flamboyance.
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