October 20, 1986



By any standards, it was an improbable meeting of the leaders of the world’s two superpowers—held on short notice in an isolated island nation. In fact, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev had each been under pressure from hard-liners back home not to go to Iceland at all.
A drawing of knives 1415

A drawing of knives

The offices of Publi-Media, a Montreal advertising agency, are located on the ground floor of a grey stone fourstorey building on tiny StDizier in the city’s old section. Recently, the firm’s staff has been sharing its premises with a group of disgruntled Liberal party members—as many as 10, as few as two—who occupy desks with push-button telephones.
The world’s most expensive sports event 5253

The world’s most expensive sports event

For 132 years the ornate silver trophy rested serenely on its pedestal at the New York Yacht Club. The NYYC captured the 100 Guineas Cup in 1851 after its yacht America won a 53-mile race around Britain’s Isle of Wight. The club renamed the trophy the America’s Cup, and for more than four generations the 134-ounce, 27inch silver vessel perched with little celebrity at its landlocked Manhattan home on West 44th Street.
Masks of a Métis star 6263

Masks of a Métis star

With those simple words, an old Indian medicine woman helps a modern Métis named Jessica to summon the ancestral spirits. They place high-heeled shoes at the four compass points of a sacred circle. Actors in animal masks—Bear, Crow, Wolverine, Coyote and Unicorn—prowl the stage as Jessica relives her past, aging from a 12-year-old child raped by a Mountie to a nervous prostitute wrapped in a red feathered boa.
Faded glory on the ‘street of ink’ 6061

Faded glory on the ‘street of ink’

Along time ago, I had a London office at 8-10 Bouverie Street, in the building occupied by United Press International, opposite the News of the World, off Fleet Street. I was by again recently, on the way to look up some back copies at the UK Press Gazette.
A depressing sense of déjà vu 1213

A depressing sense of déjà vu

The speech from the throne and the ensuing parliamentary debate have left us with an overwhelming, depressing sense of déjà vu. The speech was awash in the motherhood issues of an equitable, caring society and vague promises of policies to come.
Champion for peace 89

Champion for peace

At her wedding, celebrated in the chapel of New Jersey’s Princeton University in 1939, Elisabeth Mann, youngest daughter of German novelist and Nobel laureate Thomas Mann, was the toast of Europe’s exiled literati and prewar America’s cultural elite.
What keeps the country together 7677

What keeps the country together

The best way to understand Canada is to seek out its differences. This country, said Mackenzie King, has too much geography and too little history. True in the latter part, not true in the former; you can never have too much geography. The contrasts make it rich.
Lavalin’s long march to greatness 48b49

Lavalin’s long march to greatness

Whatever the true circumstances of Bernard Lamarre’s current Soviet journey may be, his determination to build a $300-million gas extraction plant in the U.S.S.R. was only the most recent link in a long chain of events that has turned Lavalin Inc. into the world’s fastest-growing multinational engineering firm.
Storm over the capital 1011

Storm over the capital

When Queen Victoria chose the little lumber city of Ottawa as the capital for the new nation of Canada in 1858, many citizens expressed surprise and embarrassment at the choice. The politician who was to become Canada’s seventh prime minister, Wilfrid Laurier, wrote in 1884, “Ottawa is not a handsome city and does not appear to be destined to become one.
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