November 10, 1986



Four-year-old Gina Schemionek repeatedly made it clear to her parents that she did not like going to the Calgary Day Care Centre every weekday. But her parents—Thomas and Mary, both warehouse supervisors—became seriously concerned about the child’s complaints last spring.
Scandal in a small town 3435

Scandal in a small town

Just before 3 o’clock on the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 29, a sheriff and his deputy knocked at the door of one of the most elegant homes in Corner Brook, Nfld. After exchanging a few brief words with the home’s owner, 46-year-old financial planner George Rideout, the policemen departed, taking with them a midnight-grey Lincoln Continental from the detached two-car garage.
Ottawa strikes a deal 1415

Ottawa strikes a deal

The back-to-back announcements should have been cause for mutual congratulation. On Wednesday Alberta Energy Minister Neil Webber unveiled a long-awaited $l-billion aid package for the province’s hardpressed oil and gas industry.


Mary Poppins, a fictional character popularized by a 1964 Walt Disney Productions film, is probably the most enduring image of the ideal nanny. Armed with a feather duster, a cheerful disposition and a suitcase full of children’s toys, she represents all the fun, effectiveness and even the serenity of the perfect mother’s helper.
Shadow over paradise 89

Shadow over paradise

The warm autumn sunlight dissolves the fog along the shoreline of Hayden Lake. The mist clears to reveal Coeur d’Alene’s newly opened $83.4-million 18-storey hotel tower enclosed by one of the world’s longest floating wooden boardwalks and a bright armada of pleasure boats.
Round-the-clock trading 3233

Round-the-clock trading

In the cavernous Tokyo Stock Exchange, traders are accustomed to shouting orders for the shares of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Hitachi Ltd. and other Japanese companies. But the blue-suited traders are becoming increasingly adept at selling the shares of foreign firms.
Collapse of a high-flying gamble 12lT1

Collapse of a high-flying gamble

Both the scheme, and the product, were supposed to shine. On Oct. 7, 1983, the Liberal federal government announced that it had convinced the world’s première manufacturer of helicopters, Texas-based Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., to set up shop in Mirabel, Que.
On the road to a new Vietnam? 2223

On the road to a new Vietnam?

The two bombs that exploded outside U.S. Army installations in Puerto Rico last week sparked only minor headlines in the American press. But their significance may have outweighed the damage they caused. When an anonymous caller from a radical Puerto Rican liberation group known as the Machete Wielders phoned news offices to claim responsibility, he listed a fresh grievance: anger over reports that the U.S. government was considering the island as one of three possible training sites for the Nicaraguan guerrillas known as contras.
An enigmatic governor T2T3

An enigmatic governor

The life-sized cardboard cutout of New York Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo was a constant companion of his Republican rival Andrew O’Rourke. On television ads, campaigning on Long Island commuter trains or even flying into Washington to drum up financial support, O’Rourke doggedly carted along the six-foot dummy as a symbol of Cuomo’s persistent refusal—for most of the campaign—to accept his debating challenge.
Through rose-colored glasses T413

Through rose-colored glasses

Last month President Samora Machel of Mozambique died in a plane crash. As I watched the coverage of his death I naturally thought of the time I was arrested in Mozambique six years ago. The border guards mistakenly waved my car through after examining my passport and then jailed me for 10 days when I tried to leave, because I didn’t have the correct visas.
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