February 9, 1987



It is lunch hour in Hollywood, and Michael J. Fox decides he has time for a quick trip home to visit his dogs. Leaving the set of NBC’s Family Ties, he slips behind the wheel of the black Ferrari parked in the Paramount Pictures lot. The car is new but already looks lived in, with a veil of cigarette ash scattered across the transmission console.
Missing the message in billboard art 5455

Missing the message in billboard art

There is something about extravaganzas like world fairs and Olympic games that induce, in the closed realm of the visual arts, a condition akin to crisis. The reason lies less in the nature of the events themselves than in the pressure they put on visual artists to perform publicly.
The Tories strike back 1011

The Tories strike back

The affair had begun with revelations about a mysterious land transaction in Quebec. On Jan. 18 Prime Minister Brian Mulroney asked for the resignation of junior transport minister André Bissonnette following disclosures that Oerlikon Aerospace Inc., a Canadian subsidiary of a Swiss arms manufacturer, had paid an inflated price for a 100-acre plot in Bissonnette’s Quebec riding.


Wednesday: Paramount Pictures Corp. is the only major studio lot left in the district officially defined as Hollywood. “Park your car beside the blue sky,” orders the guard at the studio gate. The “sky,” it turns out, is a giant blue-painted backdrop, erected to provide movie cameras with an illusion of wide-open spaces.
The children’s champion 6f6g

The children’s champion

Maclean’s: What was your first impression of China? Ustinov: I knew that it was developing very fast and I jokingly told a Chinese official that one of my ambitions was to get to Tibet before there was a Hilton Lhasa. He said, “You better hurry.”
A multimillion-dollar rendezvous 3031

A multimillion-dollar rendezvous

It began quite innocently. Thinking ahead two years to his role as host of the 1987 National Hockey League all-star game, Quebec Nordiques president Marcel Aubut decided to do “something different, something special.” Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and President Ronald Reagan had just concluded their 1985 Shamrock Summit in Quebec City.
Eyewitness at the front 1415

Eyewitness at the front

The Iranian soldiers had just finished their morning prayers when one of their Revolutionary Guard commanders, Mohammed Ali Hosemi, pulled out a wall-sized map of the marshland battlefield east of Basra. “The enemy tried to keep the water level in the marshes so high that we could not invade,” said Hosemi, sheltering with reporters in an underground bunker a few kilometres from the war front.
Whips and bananas in London 5657

Whips and bananas in London

The best thing about London, the finest town in the world, is that nothing ever changes. All around us —everywhere —is flux, shock and sensation, horror, new outrage and eye-popping headlines. London is consoling balm for the soul, a shot of Valium for the ulcer of the mind—simply because it is always the same.
Islands under a cloud 6b6c

Islands under a cloud

On a deserted stretch of beach near the tiny Bahamian hamlet of Spanish Wells, frothy waves steadily curl over the shoreline. An abandoned plane lies half-buried in the sand—left, according to the local people, by drug smugglers after they loaded their South American cargo onto boats bound for the United States.
High dives into a deep money pool 2829

High dives into a deep money pool

Tom Hockin, the Ottawa minister in charge of reordering financial institutions, recently proposed that Canada’s Big Five chartered banks be given the right not only to handle money but virtually to print it, by removing existing limits to their already-rampant growth.
Pawns of terror politics 1617

Pawns of terror politics

Even by the chaotic standards of Lebanon, where kidnapping has become almost a local industry, the past two weeks have produced a fearful haul of hostages. On Jan. 24 four men disguised as police officers walked into Beirut University College and seized four male professors—three Americans and an Indian.
Return of the low rates 2627

Return of the low rates

They had been renting for four years and, like many young couples, they felt that it was time to buy their own home. “We decided to take advantage of low interest rates,” Calgary legal secretary Bonnie Thompson, 25, said last week as she and her husband, Dennis, 27, a laboratory technician, inspected their new purchase— a four-bedroom bungalow with a double garage for $63,500.
Return to tradition 45

Return to tradition

I was disturbed—though not surprised—to find in your cover story “Sex in the Eighties” (Jan. 12) not even the suggestion that morality may be the key to “good sex.” Although you mentioned monogamy, you treated it as a vaccine rather than a moral decision.
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