August 10, 1987


Heroics Of An Antihero


Diving For Dollars


Making A Legend

Heroics Of An Antihero 3031

Heroics Of An Antihero

Bent over the operating table, he deftly cuts away at a special-effects wound with a pair of scissors. As he works, he describes each manouevre to his listeners, Chinese actors, with convincing authority: “Wash it out with saline solution, remove the devitalized muscle tissue, ligate the blood vessels.”
Diving For Dollars 3637

Diving For Dollars

The twisted and torn wreckage strewn across the floor of the Atlantic Ocean is a testament to her violent end. In nearfreezing water 270 feet below the surface and 55 miles southeast of Nantucket Island, the RMS Republic, among the finest and grandest passenger liners of her day, lies embedded on her side where she sank on Jan. 24, 1909, after colliding with another ship.
Making A Legend 2627

Making A Legend

The setting, at least, is idyllic. The cameras stand in the courtyard of an abandoned Buddhist temple in a remote valley. Carved dragons jut from its pagoda rooftops, looking out over the green terraced slopes of the Wutai mountains. About 250 km southwest of Beijing, the Wutai range includes one of China’s five holy mountains.
Drawing a harder line on migrants 1011

Drawing a harder line on migrants

Their Sikh hosts had pledged $600,000 in bonds—and contributed $12,000 for the bus fare from Halifax. So when 92 East Indian migrants arrived at two Toronto temples last week, they listened attentively to a series of stern lectures. One after another, powerful Sikh community leaders warned their weary and already wary guests to avoid public comment about their arrival in Canada on July 12 aboard the rusty freighter Amelie.
Potential victims of a trade pact 2223

Potential victims of a trade pact

For five generations members of the Nash family of Stoney Creek, Ont., have passed on their 140-acre vineyard from father to son. Two world wars, the Great Depression and vagaries of the market have not prevented that rite of passage. But the possibility of a free trade agreement with the United States may change the family tradition.
All-American Ollie 45

All-American Ollie

With his illegal interference in Nicaragua, Lt.-Col. Oliver North bypasses the very democratic process he claims to be fighting for (“Hero or outlaw?” Cover, July 20). It is shameful that confidence, aggression, personal style and articulate speech can be mistaken for integrity and wisdom.
Treasure Hunt In The Deep 4041

Treasure Hunt In The Deep

In the fall of 1981, Wayne Mushrow, a milkman from Port-au-Basques, Nfld., donned diving equipment and dived to a depth of about 25 feet at Isle aux Morts, 12 km east of his home. He emerged a few minutes later with a valuable discovery—a 1628 navigational instrument known as an astrolabe which he found lying near an anchor from the wreck of an unidentified ship.
A bleak tale of riches to rags 67

A bleak tale of riches to rags

For mining prospector William Richardson, it ended on a sunny day in May in courtroom 4-2 of the Ontario Supreme Court. Years after discovering one of the world’s richest tungsten deposits, the prospector was broke. It was a sad ending for the once-wealthy Richardson, 68, now an old man with cancer living in public housing.
When summer blues turn pink 3435

When summer blues turn pink

To keep summer from being too enjoyable, it is customary for there to be a panic about something. Panics are not easily staged in this country, owing to the absence of sharks. Most of the things we panic about happen a bit later in the year— the Blue Jays and Expos facing elimination from their respective pennant races; back to school; the tail end of American hurricanes.
A portrait of ‘chaos’ 1617

A portrait of ‘chaos’

Former White House chief of staff Donald Regan had not yet finished testifying. But for the joint congressional panel investigating the Irancontra affair, the time had arrived for a final ritual. Interrupting Regan’s testimony last week, the 26 representatives and senators assembled for a formal portrait.
Alerting America to ‘Red Ed’ 5253

Alerting America to ‘Red Ed’

The Wall Street Journal (threatened for the largest circulation in the United States only by USA Today, the McPaper of journalism) is worried about Canada. The New York Times is puckering its ponderous brow. The Washington Post has snapped to attention.
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