March 23, 1992

Patriotism by committee 2021

Patriotism by committee

Or is it simply that most Canadians, including those who cannot control the tear ducts when they hear 0 Canada, hate blurting out their feelings in public? Or that there is always some claque or dissenting segment of population that finds offence in any attempt at a pledge of allegiance—that’s American, eh?—or a defining national declaration?
How to distinguish Labour from Tories 1213

How to distinguish Labour from Tories

The election in Britain is three weeks away and already a feeling of sackcloth and ashes prevails within the Conservative party. Long faces match the unfashionable long skirts of Tory women. The fear of defeat has hit the Conservatives hard, now that the reality of the voters’ choice is upon them.
On the other hand... 4243

On the other hand...

For the estimated 10 per cent of the population that is left-handed, life in a right-hander’s world is often difficult. Equipment from fishing rods and kitchen utensils to computers and heavy machinery is often designed for use by righthanded people.
Recycling blues 4445

Recycling blues

The warning signals come even from committed environmentalists such as Kingston, Ont., Mayor Helen Cooper. Like millions of other Ontario residents during the 1980s, she warmly embraced the province’s blue-box program—diligently setting aside bottles, cans and newspapers from her family’s garbage for recycling.
Setting a new deadline 1819

Setting a new deadline

It was the latest in a series of sudden shifts in the federal government’s constitutional strategy. At issue: the long-standing native request for full participation at the constitutional negotiating table, a request that Ottawa has always opposed.
Tales of disenchan tient in Motor City 2627

Tales of disenchan tient in Motor City

In Dearborn, the Detroit suburb where the Ford Motor Co. presides over the city’s fate from its world headquarters in an undistinguished tower of green tinted glass, Patrick Buchanan had just learned that his rebellious right-wing presidential bid was running out of gas.
High hopes and tube tops 4647

High hopes and tube tops

Game time is still more than 3V2 hours away, but the true believers are already lined up to worship at the great diamond shrine. The place is Grant Field, a lush patch of ball-park green in otherwise paved and billboarded Dunedin on Florida’s west coast.
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