February 6, 1995

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The Japanese government came under harsh attack for its handling of relief operations after the Jan. 17 earthquake in the port city of Kobe, which killed at least 5,088 people and left an estimated 300,000 homeless. More than a week after the quake, hundreds of thousands of refugees were still packed into tents and other temporary shelters, facing an outbreak of influenza.


Up the Pan-American Highway from Santiago, on the route that leads north to mining country, a small Alberta company has set up shop to repair hydraulic motors and pumps. With an investment of only $770,000, Piston Hydraulics is far from the biggest Canadian company making Chile its new home and base for future expansion in Latin America.
A team in trouble 6667

A team in trouble

The Winnipeg Jets left town last week, and only just in time. After a brief training camp, the Jets opened the National Hockey League’s lockout-shortened season at home with a loss, a tie and a win in its first three games—a decent start for a team that failed to make the playoffs last season.


The eighth annual Dancers for Life gala has a serious purpose—to raise money for the fight against AIDS. Still, for many of the dancers performing in the benefit this week in Toronto, including the National Ballet’s Karen Kain, Robert Conn and Rex Harrington, it is also a celebration of their art.
A state of de-Klein 4647

A state of de-Klein

Ralph Klein is on a roll. No doubt about that. Last week, at a black-tie dinner sponsored by the Toronto Board of Trade, the premier of Alberta was treated to a standing ovation even before he opened his mouth. As soon as Premier Ralph was introduced, thousands of tuxedo-clad capitalists leapt to their loafers and began to flap like a flock of agitated penguins at feeding time.
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