February 26, 1996

Muzzling the minority voice in Quebec 1213

Muzzling the minority voice in Quebec

This is the story of Quebec’s ruthless political and media elites, which have attempted to destroy the Equality party, a voice representing many of the province’s anglophones and allophones. Dubbed “ethnics” by the racist former premier Jacques Parizeau, these minorities have had their linguistic and other rights badly bruised by their own provincial government.


thrown words about, like the “crazy,” national “imbecile” disunity debate and “ignoramus” last week began being to sound less like political discourse and more like a vituperative spat within a dysfunctional family. At issue was the possible partition of Quebec in the event of a future Yes vote to sovereignty.
Business NOTES 4243

Business NOTES

A BRICKLIN FOR THE NINETIES: Former automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin sits on an EV Warrior electric bicycle during its unveiling in Las Vegas, Nev. Bricklin, who went bankrupt producing the gull-winged Bricklin sports car in New Brunswick in the 1970s, plans to sell the batterypowered bikes through car dealerships across North America.
22 Minutes For High Schticking 4647

22 Minutes For High Schticking

It is a slow news week. While politicians bicker over the divisibility of Quebec, the big story is the weather, a cold snap that has the country frozen in a grimace of national unity from sea to shivering sea. And on the first night of February, during the most frigid week of the winter, Mary Walsh is preparing to turn the weather into hard newswhile swimming.
Canada NOTES 2627

Canada NOTES

A NEW LEADER FOR THE BLOC In Montreal, Bloc Québécois MPs and party officials elected Michel Gauthier, MP for Roberval, to succeed Lucien Bouchard as head of the party and the leader of Canada’s official Opposition. Gauthier received 104 votes, compared with 51 for his Commons colleague, Francine Lalonde.
‘I was Guinevere’ 7071

‘I was Guinevere’

Skepticism, if not downright cynicism, is the natural stance of the journalist. So what is a reporter to do when faced with the likes of Laurel Phelan, a soft-spoken Vancouver woman who claims that in one of her many past lives she was the Guinevere of Arthurian legend? That under a form of self-hypnosis known as past-life regression therapy she can tap into and experience Guinevere’s emotional highs and lows? The very idea of reincarnation is difficult enough to grasp, without the brain-addling notion that memories of lives lived hundreds—even thousands—of years ago can be recalled vividly in the here and now.
The tortoise gains ground 3031

The tortoise gains ground

For Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, the slow-moving hare in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the main threat to his first-place position was a barking fox suddenly on his tail—Pat Buchanan. "Too extreme,” said the laconic Dole, slapping at Buchanan in new TV commercials after the talk-show radical ran second in Iowa caucus voting last week.


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Opening Notes

Opening Notes

With pollution, overfishing and other pressures depleting aquatic populations around the world, commercial fish farming has blossomed into a lucrative international business. In Eastern Canada alone, more than $100-million worth of Atlantic salmon is sent to market annually after being hatched and partly raised in freshwater pens, a process that takes about three years.
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