April 8, 1996

Is GOD A WOMAN? 4647


Women of all faiths are searching for the feminineface of God
The reluctant superstar 5253

The reluctant superstar

Fans know little about Mario Lemieux. He likes it that way
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

Your cover story for March 25 (“Parole on trial”) asks the question: should convicted killers be allowed to rejoin society? My answer is unequivocally no, they should have been hanged long ago to save the rest of their unsuspecting and trusting victims, and their families who have suffered since.
Arctic myths and magic 7475

Arctic myths and magic

A childhood on the tundra fuels an Inuit author's vivid tales
Joining forces in Halifax 6263

Joining forces in Halifax

In a community famous for its turf wars, it took an ultimatum from above to create some common ground. In August, 1994, Nova Scotia Education Minister John MacEachern called a meeting of the presidents of the province’s 13 universities. His message was a simple one.
Panic on the hoof 2627

Panic on the hoof

Fears of 'mad cow disease' lead to a worldwide ban on British beef
Many unhappy returns 4243
Personal Finance

Many unhappy returns

For many Canadians, the only thing worse than the annual ritual of filing an income tax return is the prospect of being audited by Revenue Canada and slapped with a hefty tax bill and penalty. The odds of that happening are small for individual taxpayers, but they may soon increase.
The fight for the right 2021

The fight for the right

Byelections spell bad news for Jean Charest's Tories
New rules for the Big Six 3435

New rules for the Big Six

Doug Peters has gone from the bank towers of Toronto to the House of Commons—but recently he has been running into a lot of his old friends from Bay Street. Peters spent 26 years as chief economist for the Toronto-Dominion Bank, before retiring in 1992 to run for the federal Liberals.
Apartheid: can the truth set a nation free? 2829

Apartheid: can the truth set a nation free?

A new panel is set to probe the horrors of the past
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