April 29, 1996

The People Smugglers 1617

The People Smugglers

The fierce African sun was breaking over the vast plain as a small convoy of Jeeps and trucks wound its way past mud huts and redbrick farmhouses with roofs of corrugated metal. Two dozen-odd members of Kenya’s immigration enforcement unit and the national police’s elite special forces were bearing in on a four-room house in Kiambu, a dusty village in Kenya’s coffee belt, near the capital city of Nairobi.
Bombs of wrath 3839

Bombs of wrath

A bloodbath at a UN base sparks outrage over Israel's offensive
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

Your article on the practical implications of women’s spirituality leaves one with empathy towards the feminists. In spite of the archdeacon of York’s literal belief that only men are created in God’s image, isn’t it time that we acknowledged that that belief is the supreme example of male arrogance, conceived long ago when, in our ignorance, we considered Earth the centre of the universe.
The flush of success, the agony of defeat 6869

The flush of success, the agony of defeat

Kim Campbell tells how she did it her way
A Divided Community 2223

A Divided Community

Violent gangs and politics threaten Canada's Tamils
'Straight out of Kafka' 2425

'Straight out of Kafka'

Mulroney lashes out at the federal government's allegations
Hungry for change in America's Cuba policy 4243

Hungry for change in America's Cuba policy

Activists—and some academics—urge a shift
High noon in Saskatoon 4647

High noon in Saskatoon

'They ganged up on me—I can't believe my mother and brother and sister would do that'
Challenging the religious bigots 5859

Challenging the religious bigots

It has not been an altogether happy Saturday afternoon for the home team at the Celtic Park soccer ground in Glasgow’s east end. On the field, nothing is going Celtic’s way. They trail visiting Hibernian by a goal as time runs down, and the referee’s repeated rulings against the home team are driving the 37,000 fans to a braying, seething distraction.
Shifting priorities 5657

Shifting priorities

Born as a protest event 26 years ago, Earth Day has come to symbolize the commitment to environmental protection that today seems solidly enshrined in Canadian law. Or is it? As Canadians marked Earth Week (April 21 to 27) with tree-planting expeditions, sunrise ceremonies and other feel-good events, environmentalists warned that a deregulatory push by costcutting governments across the country could weaken or eliminate many of the laws needed to protect the nation’s natural endowment.
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