May 6, 1996


Return of the King


Promises, promises

The Mail

The Mail

Return of the King 4849

Return of the King

Arnold Palmer may be golf royalty, but he is also a man of the people
Promises, promises 1213

Promises, promises

In 1993, the Liberals promised to 'kill' the GST. Last week's about-face was a blow to the government's credibility.
The Mail 401
The Mail

The Mail

I am a proud 17-year-old Canadian. It would sadden me to lose the monarchy in Canada (“The last Queen?” Cover, April 22). Queen Elizabeth II gives us a certain dignity and makes us different from our southern neighbor. Even so, the media make it harder and harder to be proud of the Queen and her family.
Attention, shoppers 3435

Attention, shoppers

Wal-Mart's arrival has forced retailers to focus on customers
Margot Kidder s descent into darkuess 5859

Margot Kidder s descent into darkuess

The Canadian actress er star in decline, has become famous again for falling apart
Kids, cash and capitalism 4041
Personal Finance

Kids, cash and capitalism

Terry LaCorte is seldom at a loss for words. But two years ago, her daughter Danielle, then 8, was watching a TV report on retirement savings when she asked what RRSPs were and why there would one day be no more money left in the Canada Pension Plan.
'How long is it going to take you to die?' 1819

'How long is it going to take you to die?'

It sounded at times more like the script of a grade-B movie than scenes from the domestic life of one of Canada’s corporate titans. During rivetting testimony in a Calgary courtroom last week, Earl Joudrie—the 62-year-old chairman of Gulf Canada Resources Ltd.
Ending the pain 2627

Ending the pain

A ravaged Lebanon counts its losses after the ceasefire
The limits of harmony 1617

The limits of harmony

The experiment in Atlantic Canada may force other provinces to follow suit
Trent Frayne 5657
Sports Watch

Trent Frayne

How Greg Norman went from goat to hero
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