May 27, 1996

Opening Notes 1011
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

Curvaceous Canadian actress Pamela (Anderson) Lee is the victim of a recent kidnapping spree in Baywatch-obsessed Britain. Life-size cardboard cutouts of the Baywatch babe promoting her first feature film, Barb Wire, are being stolen from movie theatres throughout Britain.
The Battle For B.C. 2021

The Battle For B.C.

Liberal Gordon Campbell and the NDP’s Glen Clark go down to the wire
The airborne exploits of Father Goose 4445

The airborne exploits of Father Goose

On a brisk spring morning, Bill Lishman is preparing cappuccino in the bright, spacious kitchen of his $400,000 underground home. As he pours a cup of the rich coffee, the 57-year-old sculptor, who lives in the village of Black-stock, Ont., 80 km northeast of Toronto, talks exuberantly about Fly Away Home, a full-length Hollywood feature film based on his unique work with Canada geese.
Is Canada's broadcast policy lost in space? 3839

Is Canada's broadcast policy lost in space?

The CRTC confronts the U.S. satellite challenge
Auto eroticism 5051

Auto eroticism

Cronenberg's sex-driven Crash shakes up the film festival
The Mail 44a
The Mail

The Mail

This is yet another example of the blatant contempt our governing elite show for the taxpayers of this country (“The Sheila syndrome,” Cover, May 13). This blip on former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps’s résumé is costing the Canadian public hundreds of thousands of hard-to-find dollars.
Taking on separatism 1415

Taking on separatism

Lawyer Guy Bertrand is in the eye of the storm
Trafficking in false hopes and heartbreak 89
An American View

Trafficking in false hopes and heartbreak

It is an inspired advertising line that taps squarely into the cerebral cortex of every optimistic soul hoping to hit the New York state lottery and cruise down Easy Street in a stretch limo. “Hey, you never know,” the slogan teases and every frustrated, fed-up working stiff hears it echo like thunder as he hastens to buy a fistful of tickets to paradise.
Virtual revenge 3637

Virtual revenge

Mark Blumes is feeling absolutely naked. “I gotta have a cigar,” he says. Particularly if he is going to be photographed. So one is provided. As he repeatedly sucks and relights, he conversationally caroms across his painful ouster from Mark’s Work Wear-house Ltd., the coveralls-to-construction-boots company he built with his bare hands, to his strained familial relationships, to the creation of Mark’s Virtual Store Inc., his latest retail creation.
A positive view of conservatism's future 4243

A positive view of conservatism's future

David Frum’s Winds of Change conference that opens in Calgary this week ostensibly is about combining the forces of the right to create a more efficiently run Canada. But its overriding agenda—if Frum’s own writings are to be believed—is to subvert democratic politics to the idea that compassion is for losers, social justice sucks and greed conquers all.
A war of words and shadows 1213

A war of words and shadows

A legal bid to constrain separatists raises the stakes on the unity front
What ABC did not tell its morning viewers 5657

What ABC did not tell its morning viewers

Our big neighbors have been taking their usual look at the natives. All last week, ABC’s Good Morning America—the highest-ranked breakfast show—traipsed across Canada with the expected results. There were shots every morning of cricket.
Canada NOTES 1819

Canada NOTES

Toronto police rounded up four youths in connection with the rape of a 13-year-old girl in north Toronto. Two, aged 13 and 15, face charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement while a 10-year-old was released into the care of his mother.
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