August 19, 1996

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Canadian pride Congratulations on the outstanding coverage and reporting of the Centennial Olympic Games. Unlike that of our companions south of the border, Canadian media coverage was thorough, unbiased and classy. In an Olympics marred by problems and commercialism, you elevated the athletes and their families to the heights of distinction they deserved.
Does a fetus have rights? 1617

Does a fetus have rights?

A sad Manitoba case reopens the debate
Golden days on the last frontier 2425

Golden days on the last frontier

A century after the great rush, the Yukon is still a land of dreams
The call of the wild 5455

The call of the wild

In July, 1936, shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Ronald Douglas Lawrence joined the Republican forces defending Spain’s precarious democracy against fascist rebels. Within days of enlisting, the Spanish-born Lawrence (Spanish mother, British father) got his first taste of combat.
Profiting from health-care cuts 3637

Profiting from health-care cuts

Tipping the scales at 420 lb., Dan Adamson was not happy being obese. After trying other methods to reduce his weight, the 44-yearold lawyer from Pocatello in southern Idaho decided to undergo a stomach-stapling operation. At first, he considered having the procedure done in Utah or California.
When one fetus lives and one dies 2021

When one fetus lives and one dies

The unnamed woman is 28 years old and a single mother to one child already—although the doctor who spilled her most private medical details to a British tabloid last week later insisted he had altered some facts to mask her identity. She lives in what the doctor conveyed to Sunday Express readers as “straitened” economic and social circumstances.
A fight for rights 3435

A fight for rights

Autoworkers get ready to take on the Big Three


Advances in science leave an old debate in the dust
Islands of unrest 3031

Islands of unrest

An old rival's democratic daughter challenges a despot
Life on Mars? 4445

Life on Mars?

There is something about Mars that has long led Earthlings to wonder whether there might be life on the planet that glows bright red in the night sky. Writing in the 1940s, novelist Ray Bradbury imagined a wise and ancient race of Martians. But most sci-fi writers preferred to see them as little green men or as malign, tentacled monsters.
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