August 26, 1996



High-tech glory or glorified play?
A clash of generations 2425

A clash of generations

If there was a defining moment at the Republican convention that set Bob Dole on the final lap of his quest for the American presidency last week, it may have come early on Wednesday evening. Dole’s wife, Elizabeth, had been given the task of telling the life story of her famously private husband.
Mystery woman 1213

Mystery woman

The woman, in her late 20s, lives with her parents in a suburb of Toronto. She has what she describes as a good job in the financial services industry and she drives a late-model car. Once a month since April, she has been driving three hours to Kingston, Ont., to visit a man with whom she had a passionate relationship in the late 1980s and whom, for reasons she cannot entirely explain, she still loves.
Two women bound for the history books 2021

Two women bound for the history books

B.C.’s first Chinese MLAs buck the odds
Sorry, game over 3233

Sorry, game over

Canadian software firms fall victim to fierce competition
Pregnant moms and a medicare war 1819

Pregnant moms and a medicare war

Ontario's physicians take on the Tories
To free or not to free 5051

To free or not to free

Vancouver's aquarium is a battl round for a whale lovers' tiff
Mea culpa nobody else' 1617

Mea culpa nobody else'

Gen. Jean Boyle accepts the blame and then spreads it around
The man who would move markets 3637
The Nation’s Business

The man who would move markets

When Asiaweek recently hunted for the most authoritative economist in the region to comment on stock market trends, the newsmagazine chose to interview a soft-spoken Canadian with impeccable credentials and talent to burn. Ken Courtis, the Tokyo-based strategist and chief economist for Deutsche Bank Group Asia Pacific, predicted last summer that stocks would perform “like Chinese New Year’s firecrackers,” and warned readers to “get out before everyone decides the party’s over.”
A phoney debate over dgarette addiction 5253
Media Watch

A phoney debate over dgarette addiction

Because I hadn’t spotted a smoker among them, I did an informal survey of the people I see most and know best to find out about their smoking habits— past, and, in case I had missed something, present. I was right; none smoked. All but two of the two dozen had smoked at one time.
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